Cert Fin is the 2017 Budget gift for anti fraud professionals

Cyber security is critical for safeguarding the integrity and stability of the financial sector of India. A Computer Emergency Response Team for Financial Sector (CERT-Fin) will be established,” Finance Minister Arun Jaitley promised in his Budget Speech for the year 2017.

The entity will work in close coordination with all financial sector regulators and other stakeholders.

Last year, more than 32 lakh debit cards of various public and private sector banks were compromised. It was one of the biggest cyber frauds related to banks in India.

Post demonetisation, promotion of a digital economy is an integral part of government’s strategy to clean the system and weed out corruption and black money.

Empanelment of Examiners for setting examination papers


Applications are invited from eligible Certified professionals of Indiaforensic, including academicians of reputed educational institutions, Certified Forensic Accounting Professionals, Certified Anti Money Laundering Experts, Certified Bank Forensic Accountants, Certified Vigilance and Investigation Experts, Certified BASEL III Professionals or any other certification offered by Indiaforensic, having a flair for academic activities including valuation of answer books, Paper Setting and willing to undertake confidential assignments as a Paper Setting Professional, for empanelment as examiner in respect of the following Certifications offered by the Indiaforensic Center of Studies

Eligibility for Empanelment

The eligibility criteria for empanelment as examiner are as follows:

  • Certified Forensic Accountants with a minimum of four years experience in the Job or Business.
  • Certified Anti Money Laundering Experts with atleast 3 years of experience and currently working in the AML domain .
  • Lawyers, IT Professionals, MBA (Finance) and other professionals with at least five years experience, either in academic position or in practice or in employment are eligible to apply. Those with work experience having direct relevance to the aforesaid subjects(s) of examination(s) may be considered on case-to-case basis.
  • Persons above 65 years of age are not eligible for empanelment as examiner.
  • Persons who are undergoing any Certification program with Indiaforensic are not eligible to seek empanelment as examiners.
  • Those whose applications were rejected earlier or rested/removed from the panel are not eligible to apply again.

Please note that the first preference is given to the Certified Members, however those who are not certified and have direct relevant experience are also encouraged to join the panel.

Certifications for Empanelment

The examiner’s empanelment is done for setting up the papers for the following certifications.

  1. Certified Forensic Accounting Professional
  2. Certified Bank Forensic Accountant
  3. Certified BASEL III Professional
  4. Certified FATCA Professional

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2017 will see changes in the syllabus of AML Certification

CAME Uniform Examination

Reforms in various laws related to financial crimes have changed the compliance rules in 2016, many of these legislations would see activity in the year 2017, which is going to be the year of significant reforms in the syllabus of Certified Anti Money Laundering Expert program.

There are multiple updates and planned to be launched in the year 2017.

Money Laundering Certifications

Certified Anti Moneylaundering Expert program is one of the key certification programs offered by Indiaforensic Center of Studies.This program would be updated with the reforms in the Benami Transactions Act and the Money Laundering techniques used in combating the Demonetization

Updated Study Material

In the year 2017, forensic accounting study material is changing. The Forensic Accounting Manual of Indiaforensic is likely to see the sea change in the content. The course would be updated with the Companies Act’2013 and the relevant provisions in addition to some small changes in the topics and the focus of investigations changing towards the technology.

Change in the structure

Many of our members suggest us the changes. We listen to them and we constantly improve our offerings. One such suggestion was to change the certification structure to reduce the costs of the examinations for the experienced professionals. We have opened the direct route of obtaining the Certification in Money Laundering Compliance.

Direct Examination

Firstly, upto 2016, it was necessary for the students to opt for the study material to take up the certifications. However, the professionals who are already working in this profession don’t really need the study material. From the year 2017, we are allowing the professionals to take up the exams without study material and as a result the aspirants would have to pay only the fees for Examinations and Certifications.

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