Research Papers

mayur joshi

Mayur has authored several research papers on the subject of forensic accounting and fraud investigations published by the Indiaforensic Center of Studies. Most of these research studies were widely quoted by the National Media in the country. These research papers made a lot of difference in the thinking style of Indian companies.

Read more about some of these research studies here

Testimonial for Satyam Scam

When the Satyam Accounting scandal broke, Central Bureau of Investigation formed the Multi-Disciplinary Investigation team. This team was headed by DIG VV Lakshminarayana. He publicly appreciated the efforts of Mayur Joshi in the investigation of the Satyam scam.

Online Links to Media Coverage

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[citem title=”International Award” id=”citem_28″ parent=”collapse_16″] Frontpage Story in Times of India on bagging the award from ACFE – USA.

International Award for ICS Director [/citem]
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