Indiaforensic conducts the program on Bank Forensic Accounting designed for the banking professionals, auditors, investigators and regulators and is focused on Frauds in banking sector. This is India's first dedicated course on Bank frauds. The exam is Computer Based exam and the assessment results are communicated within 15 Days. There is complete flexibility for selecting the examination dates. Read More >>


Certified Bank Forensic Accounting




Certified Forensic Accounting professional is a the flagship antifraud and forensic accounting certification offered to the members who  fought frauds in various capacities and in various industrial domains including manufacturing, IT/ITES and other services sector. This course is also suitable for the Chartered Accountants, Cost accountants, Company secretaries or the Public Accountants willing to fight the frauds and act as forensic accountant Read more >>

Certified Forensic Accounting Professional  



Indiaforensic offers the course on Money Laundering developed for the Asian Scenario of laundering and hawala transactions. This course focus on the transaction aspect rather than the KYC aspect of laundering. This course is important for the compliance and law enforcement professionals who fight the laundering and hawala tranasctions globally. Read More >>


Certified Anti Money laundering Expert




If there are more than 10 members from the same organisation Indiaforensic arrange to train the professionals as the Certified Forensic Accounting Professionals with the specialization topic like the Computer forensic or Insurance frauds or the Credit card frauds to be decided mutually on the needs of the organisation. To get more information on the corporate training write us at abhijeet [at] indiaforensic.com Read More >>


Corporate Training Programs

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