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University Collaboration Program

NAAC accreditation is the important element of education now. There are multiple components of NAAC. University Collaboration Program offered by Indiaforensic center of studies can help you to meet the guidelines of extended education program as well as to improve the NAAC rankings. Indiaforensic offers three programs under the University Collaboration programs.

We help the educational institutions to carry out the

  • Student Activities

    • Antifraud student activities - These are generally one day training programs on the various topics of frauds and forensic accounting. In order to make the programs effective, we try to get the industry experts and the certified forensic accounting professionals to speak to the students.

    • Anti fraud Competitions - In order to deliver effective programs on the frauds and forensic accounting we customise number of competitions in the antifraud and forensic domain which make the activities more interesting.

  • E-learning Program Development

    • We help the universities and colleges to develope the e-learning content, games, engagements on the subjects like forensic accounting, frauds, information security, finance, accounts etc

    • We can also explore the options of complete Knowledge transfer of the course content developed without Indiaforensic branding.

    • We have developed portfolio of web-based and computer based examinations for the colleges and universities in the domains of frauds, forensic accounting, information security, laws related to frauds and computer forensic etc. These examination products are available for the universities.

  • Research

    • There are number of research projects which can be concluded with the help of colleges and universities and their faculties and this can add value in terms of NAAC Accreditions for the universities

University collaboration program is worth taking a look at if you are

  • Business school running the Post graduate programs in Business management or MBA

  • University listed under the University Grants Commission 

  • Autonomous University 

We at Indiaforensic are committed to provide expert anti-fraud training to your students. Many Universities in USA have already started imparting the Masters Degrees in Forensic Accounting and Asian Universities should not be far away from the same.



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