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Exam Preparation Kit is the product of Fraudexpress, Leading publisher of the forensic accounting resources.

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Exam Preparation Kit is a computer self-study course produced by the Fraudexpress, which is one of the dedicated publishers of books, e-learning products and study aids for the forensic accountants and antifraud professionals across the world.

Exam Preparation Kit is intended to prepare aspirants to successfully pass the Examinations offered by the Indiaforensic Center of Studies. This software includes all the past examination papers and answers which act as the reference standard for the aspirants looking to clear one of the three main certifications offered by Indiaforensic. The Exam Preparation Kit is not required in order to take the exam but is highly recommended.

Exam Preparation Kit is recommended for the professionals looking to take the following three certifications

Certified Forensic Accounting Professional
Certified Bank Forensic Accountant
Certified Anti Money Laundering Expert

Professionals taking the exams other than those mentioned above should speak to the Education Co-ordinators from Indiaforensic.



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