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Waiver of examinations for Forensic Accountants

Grandfathering option is available for the experienced professionals in the different industrial areas.

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Grandfathering option is available for the experienced professionals in the different industrial areas. This is a re-designed scheme for the experience professionals in the year 2016. This scheme is available from 1st January to 8th January’2016.

Waiver application can be completed in 3 easy steps:

First and foremost thing is select the CFAP Specialisation from the drop-down next to the image above.

Stage – One: Experienced professionals interested in getting the certification through waiver can simply pay the fees by adding the product to the cart. You receive the email of confirmation.

Stage – Two: Once the payment is completed, kindly arrange to send the documents mentioned in the below paragraphs to the email address of education division of IndiaforensicĀ  education@indiaforensic.com

Stage- Three: Once your payment is received along with the documents, the board of Indiaforensic will review the proposal and will approve the waiver. Those who are not granted the waiver would be granted 100% refund without deduction of taxes.

Documents required for Grandfathering

  • Short profile of the candidate
  • 1000 words essay describing why you are the deserving candidate
  • Recommendation Letters from two CA/CS/CWA or other professionals who can certify the credentials of the candidate in a good standing.

We encourage the members to take the examinations, however in certain exceptional cases the waivers may be granted by the Board of Indiaforensic.

Parameters for waiver

The Indiaforensic board decides the eligibility based on the profile of the candidate which is evaluated on three parameters.

  • Uniqueness of the profile of the anti-fraud professional;
  • Exceptional Educational Qualifications;
  • Number of Years of Experience; [Should be at-least 10 years in the anti-fraud/forensic domain]

Phased removal of waiver of examination

Waiver of the examinations for the CFAP certification programs would be removed in the phased manner. From 2014, only specialised courses under the CFAP would be eligible for the waiver of the examinations. Following certifications are eligible for the waiver of the examination tillĀ 8th January 2016.

  • Certified Forensic Accounting Professional [Insurance]
  • Certified Forensic Accounting Professional [Stock Markets]

Application Forms

  1. Application form for Certified Stock Market Fraud Professional
  2. Application form for Certified Insurance Frauds Specialist

Additional information

CFAP Specialisation

Insurance, Information Technology, Stock Markets

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