Student Scholarship Programs

Indiaforensic is offering scholarships to the students who wish to appear for the Certified Forensic Accounting Professional Examination. Applications open on 01.08.2009 and close on 31.08.2009.Names of the scholarship winners to be announced in the month of September'2009.
If you have the burning desire to fight the frauds then no-body can stop you now.
The objective of this scholarship program is to spread awareness about the forensic accounting in Indian students who are going into the market without the armour of forensic accounting knowledge.In such case they are most likely to be the victims of frauds.For more details on the student programs please write us at [at]

Student Activities

We at Indiaforensic Endeavour to create the awareness in the students of Engineering, management and other professions like CA, CS and CWA students. In order to encourage the students to take various courses in forensic accounting we promote the students to be the part of the Indiaforensic Student Chapters.

The Indiaforensic student chapters are the local groups of the students who regularly meet and interact with the professionals in the field of forensic accounting. Some important benefits of the student membership are as follows

  • Distinguish yourself from other students who are not the members of the Indiaforensic student chapter

  • Stay informed with the Fraudtoday newsletter

  • Get access to the resource site of Indiaforensic

  • Be eligible for the scholarships offered by Indiaforensic

  • Actively participate in the competitions and other student activities of Indiaforensic. In some cases the registration fees will be waived.

  • Access to the high quality research reports

  • MBA students get various summer and intern projects [Funded/Non funded]


How can we incorporate the student chapter ?

  • There has to be atleast 10 student subscribers to the memorandum

  • Elect your Chapter President and Vice President [ Student]

  • Decide the name of the Student Chapter and also the address of the student chapter

  • Elect one faculty advisor who is a Certified Forensic Accounting Professional or Certified Bank Forensic Accountant or Certified Anti Money laundering Expert of Indiaforensic

  • Send the signed memorandum to head office of Indiaforensic

  • Chapter request will be accepted by the Indiaforensic board and the name of the student chapter will appear on the website of Indiaforensic with immediate effect.

Existing members can Click here to download the important documents, list of projects and also the research reports of the student chapter formation in your region. Please note the student chapter formation requires the board approval from Indiaforensic.

Important documents to be attached
  • Student chapter application form
  • Student Chapter byelaws
  • Minutes of the First Student Meeting

Note: The above documents will be available to the existing members of Indiaforensic from the resource site access provided to the members of Indiaforensic only.

For more information about the student activities please write to us at [at] and send the request

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