Tool for identification of Heightened Risk Entities in India

Biznexxus, which compiles the data of the heightened risk entities and individuals in India has partnered with Indiaforensic to host the corporate intelligence report on the Indiaforensic portal. Biznexxus is an interesting risk management tool, that helps the lenders and investors to identify the nexus and reach of the person or entity among the political, defaulting or sanctioned entities.

Biznexxus is the tool which compiles the information about the heightened risk professionals from India. There are different types of risks associated with the Indian businesses. It compiles information on Sanctions, Bank Defaulters, Tax Defaulters, Money Launderers, scammers besides the Politicians and Politically Exposed Persons.

Heightened Risk Entities

It generates Business and Individual Risk Management Reports, which are based on the solid research in the Governance, Risk and Compliance domain. In the past decade, the risk of dealing with third parties has grown significantly and it has become essential to verify the background of the borrowers, joint venture, business partners, vendors or the investee companies to avoid unpleasant surprises. In light of new international laws, companies bear more responsibility – including liability for the actions of their business partners.

Biznexxus Reports

bznexxusFundamental research is the base of the publications of Biznexxus. Periodically, Biznexxus publishes the reports on various subjects related to the heightened risk entities and areas which pose risks before the investors and lenders.

Shell Company Report

Recently, Biznexxus Compiled the report on Shell companies from the biznexxus platform. This report is available as the statistical information to the industry and donot provide any names.  This report try to  identify significant number of red flags which are associated with the Shell Companies in India. These companies are typically seen to be used as the vehicles of laundering money, evasion of taxes or Stock market price rigging.

Not for Profit Company Report

This report highlights the status of risk in the Not for profit segment. Non Profit Organisations are required to handle the foreign currency transactions in a responsible manner. This report throw light on various issues related to the NGO sector in India.

Media Related Organisations

Media Personalities in India are seen to be highly influential. The Biznexxus report on Influential media reports is an interesting aspect of the intelligent use of the nexus building algorithm. Many other reports are customised by Biznexxus.

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