CAME- Certified Anti-Money Laundering Expert

Indiaforensic offers the course on Money Laundering developed for the Asian Scenario of laundering and hawala transactions. This course focuses on the transaction aspect rather than the KYC aspect of laundering. This course is important for the compliance and law enforcement professionals who fight the laundering and hawala transactions globally.
Money Laundering has become important in the wake of the 9/11 attacks on World Trade Center. After September 11, 2001, money laundering becomes a major concern of the US Bush administration’s war on terror. Critics argue that it has become less and less an important matter for the White House but in India Anti-Money Laundering has gained tremendous importance. Attack on USA forced all the Central Banks in the world to come together to combat the Money Laundering. In India Prevention of Money Laundering Act was passed in 2002.
The Certification course focuses on the identification of the suspicious transactions. The certification course material is a big repository of the cases related to Money Laundering in India. This Anti-money laundering manual is an exhaustive resource for the professionals who are fighting hard to combat the peril of laundering. This course is also available online 24/7/365. Register online and enjoy the benefits of being a member of Indiaforensic. To know more about the course visit or contact Mr. Abhijeet @ 9766594401
Organizations like HDFC, Reliance, Bank of America, Vodafone, ICICI Bank etc. have opted for the course and are happy to do the course.