Indiaforensic Social Network for Businesses

Gain Visibility for your company

Indiaforensic social network is all set to distribute the benefits of its traffic to the businesses. Indiaforensic is one of the most viewed website on the subject of forensic accounting in India with more than 40000 page-views in a month and now the businesses listing on this social networking platform can gain visibility due to the heavy traffic on the site.

  • If you have a presentable website, marketable product or interesting service line then listing your website on the Indiaforensic platform will help you to get the quality traffic from your potential clients.
  • Not only will people with whom you’ve done business in the past be able to recommend your company profile on various social networking sites, but you’ll also be able to garner referred traffic from other websites along with organic search engine traffic, which can lead to new business connections and further referrals.

Increase traffic to your site with Indiaforensic Social Network

Being on Indiaforensic platform can help you vastly improve traffic to your website by allowing you to place a link to your site on your profile or company page. Since Indiaforensic is a high-visibility site, this can only benefit your business or professional brand. The traffic value earned by registering your business is much more than the membership fees.

Generate qualified leads

  • Indiaforensic website is very popular amongst the heads of frauds and forensics in various countries. Certified Forensic Accounting Professionals who are looking for the vendors, service providers or a particular solution will be able to locate your company when doing vendor searches on Indiaforensic platform which can help you attract qualified leads for your business.

Attract qualified professionals

  • Certified Forensic Accounting Professionals who are seeking employment will be able to locate your company when doing job searches, which can help you attract qualified job prospects to fill your vacant positions. Through your Indiaforensic listing and/or profile, you’ll be able to advertise your company’s existence, philosophy, methods, accomplishments, and objectives. If interested, you may also go for employer login where you can directly contact the Certified Forensic Accounting Professionals using the Indiaforensic platform to communicate the job openings for a fee.

If you are an individual entrepreneur or freelancer, you’ll also be able to find the individual professional connections that are Certified and specialise in a particular domain and can prove valuable in finding other qualified professionals with whom to collaborate or to whom you may sub-contract projects when needed.

Get Featured on Indiaforensic Social Network

The ultimate value of Indiaforensic platform can be measured from how many leads you have generated and the visibility you have gained in other demographics. Featuring your company creates more value as your profile appears on the very first landing page of the listings and can leave behind a long lasting impact.

The best part of the corporate listings is that the service is offered at a very cost effective price, meaning those who don’t choose to be  featured can continue to reap the benefits that accrue from simply starting a company page on the most popular forensic accounting network on the Internet.