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Student Verification Service


Employee Certification Verification service for the members of Indiaforensic Center of Studies who have completed one of the following certification

  1. Certified Forensic Accounting Professional (CFAP)
    1. Insurance
    2. Technology
    3. Stock Markets
  2. Certified Bank Forensic Accountant (CBFA)
  3. Certified Anti Moneylaundering Expert (CAME)


The frequency of frauds, connected to fake certificates have increased drastically. As Per the current statistics from the Industry experience shows that more than 16 percent of candidates provide fake or misleading information on their resumes. This figure is alarming.

Student Verification Service

When the Certified Forensic Accounting Professionals or Certified Bank Forensic Accountants or Certified Anti Money Laundering Experts apply in your company for the Job, kindly verify the certification provided by the prospective applicant by completing the application process here.

Student Verification Service has three steps

  • Background Verification Agency or the HR team member completes the payment using the add to cart link
  • Then send the following information to education@indiaforensic.com
    • Kindly attach the soft copy of the certification or kindly mention following details in the email sent to the Indiaforensic Academics Team
      • Name of the Prospective Employee
      • Membership Number
      • Certification Completed
  • The verification team at Indiaforensic Center of Studies completes the verification and sends the report back to the verification agency


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