5 Recommendations to Pass CAME Exam in first attempt


So you are all set to take the CAME course now. Great! You’re taking the next steps to advance your career and join a select group of Certified Anti Money Laundering Experts Professionals.

Indiaforensic provides two handbooks viz. Anti Money Laundering Manual and the Global Handbook for CAME Students. These are great resources to begin your study. These Books cover most of the syllabus, however personally I believe on focusing on the chapters where you feel your knowledge is lacking.

Be Focussed on Knowledge

For me personally, I focused on the subjects covered in the Global Handbook for CAME Students. These are the topics which are used in the practical life. This book is short and i personally liked it. Even if you are based out of India, you need to understand the global spectrum of the Money Laundering transactions. Study Guides provided are sufficient and no reference books are required to crack the examination offered by Indiaforensic.

Understand the Concepts

I would never suggest reading word by word but would recommend understanding the concepts. There are couple of terminologies used in the Global Handbook for CAME students which are helpful in writing the exams. Don’t just consider what someone in India would do, think about what a CAME professional in France or Vietnam or Japan would do. There would be different typologies used in those countries.

Simulated Exams

Indiaforensic offers the Simulated Exam Utility. This CAME Prep Utility is helpful to understand the answers of the most frequently asked questions. Though there is no guarantee that the final exams would be based on the same questions, practice exam in the back of the study guide is a great tool for success. Practice makes man perfect!

No Stress before Final Exams

The examination consists of 100 MCQs. Though these questions are tricky, you have more than 120 minutes to solve these questions. More than a minute is sufficient for analysing the question and writing the perfect answers. One has to zero in to the most appropriate choice by either choosing best ones or eliminating the not so convincing ones. More than 90% were conceptual and approach based, with no single answer as the correct answer.

Follow the tricks

  • As the CAME exam is MCQ styled exam, dont do guess work.Over confidence kills your scores.
  • Dont be in hurry to complete the reading of study material, it is not small book which can be finished in one reading.
  • Please concentrate while understanding/analyzing/reading the questions during the exam.
  • Finally, allocate specific amount of time to each question during the exam.

This would help the students to pass the examinations in the first attempt itself.