Fraudtoday Mobile Application

Fraudtoday (v1) by Mass SystemsFraudtoday released its mobile application for the Blackberry users on the occassion of Diwali. In order to keep the readers and Certified Forensic Accountants updated with the information on frauds, articles, interviews, news on the move, Riskpro released its application for the forensic accounting community. This application can be downloaded from the Blackberry Appworld or click here to start the

download directly.

Fraudtoday is the brand owned by Riskpro Management Consulting Pvt.Ltd. Fraudtoday is the leading digital antifraud media and provides the latest resources, news, opinions and articles on the subject of frauds, security, forensic, corruption and investigation.

Fraudtoday also released the app for the android market and is available in Android Market. Click here to download the Android App