Auditronix – MOOCs for Audit and Finance domain

Today, Auditronix announced the launch of its new educational initiative for the audit and financial professionals on an open platform. Educational resources and examinations will be made available at no cost to the audit community.

Massive open online course commonly known as MOOC’s are a recent development in distance education using open educational resources. They are comparable to college courses, but do not offer academic credit. Other forms of assessment or certification may be available including those based on Learning analytic’s for online environments.

Auditronix is launched with the Massive Online Open Tests and the first beta was released for Anti Money Laundering Certifications.From the website it looks like that apart from the professional learning needs of the audit community, Auditronix portal will also address the needs of entry level students looking to enter CA or CS professional courses.

Open Courses carry good value in future. As it is said and is well said that “Technology takes the credit no matter how you try to invent it, but willingness of school depends on MOOC’s to sustain or cease in front of it.” So the way few years the living legend Mr. Bill Gates had said if you are not on Web your business would be thrown out by 2000, similarly if your school college university institution etc is not in MOOC’s you would be thrown out of the business.

In an interview, “Open courses are the programs where you don’t need to attend the classes and pay the fees for gaining the knowledge on the subjects. You are not even required to pay the money for the open course examinations. ” says Rajendra Kumar, Director of Auditrnoix.

He added that “Educational institutions will be benefited from the projects like Auditronix as it reach out to masses and this will bring more international exposure in education”. Rajendra adds.

“In our infrastructure, Auditronix issue the certificates on the various subjects and there is a small fee payable after you get yourself certified. In order to get the industry recognised Certifications, the students need to enroll themselves with the accrediting agencies like Colleges or Universities”

“This is just the beginning and we have launched the first beta with AML programs. In the days to come there will be lot of action and many more companies and universities are likely to join us soon.” Rajendra concludes.