SEC Charges China Sky One Medical and Top Executive with Inflating Financial Results through Phony Sales

Securities and Exchange Commission today filed suit in U.S. District Court for the Central District of California, charging China-based China Sky One Medical, Inc. (CSKI) and its CEO and chairman Yan-qing Liu with fraud for recording fake sales of a weight loss product to inflate revenues in the company’s financial statements by millions of dollars.

The SEC alleges China Sky One falsely stated in 2007 annual and quarterly reports that it had entered into a strategic distribution agreement with a Malaysian company that would become the “exclusive” distributor of China Sky One’s “slim patch” in Malaysia and generate $1 million per month in sales.  However, the company never actually entered into any such agreement.  China Sky One instead created approximately $19.8 million in phony export sales to Malaysia that were recorded as revenue in its financial results for 2007 and 2008.  CEO Yan-qing Liu certified the overstated financial results, which appear in China Sky One’s financial statements through 2010 and continue to impact the company’s retained earnings on its balance sheet.

According to the SEC’s complaint, CSKI is based Harbin, China.  In addition to weight loss patches, the company produces and sells sprays, ointments, and other Chinese traditional pain relief and health and beauty products.  CSKI became a public company trading on the U.S. markets through a reverse merger in May 2006.

The SEC alleges that after CSKI devised the purported strategic distribution agreement with Takasima Industries – which is a Malaysian fitness equipment manufacturer and retailer – CSKI went on to falsely report export sales to Malaysia of more than $12.2 million for 2007, which constituted 25 percent of its total revenues.  CSKI then falsely recorded $7.5 million (8.2 percent of total revenues) in such sales for 2008.  Virtually all of CSKI’s reported sales to Malaysia via Takasima were bogus.  Takasima only purchased $167,542 in slim patches from CSKI in 2007, and none in 2008.  And it never entered into any distribution agreement with CSKI and never undertook – much less satisfied – any minimum purchase commitment.

According to the SEC’s complaint, CSKI also falsely claimed in its public filings that its top two customers for 2007 were sales agents for Takasima.  CSKI identified those customers as Ningbo Yuehua International Trading Company and Guangzhou Xinghe International Trading Company, which collectively accounted for the phony 25 percent of CSKI’s total revenues for 2007.  CSKI claimed that all of these purported sales to Ningbo Yuehua and Guangzhou Xinghe went through Takasima, while in fact Takasima never had any relationship with these two entities.


Sarang is one of the first forensic accountants in the country who worked extensively with the law enforcement agencies across the country to solve the fraud problems. He is a Certified Anti Money Laundering Expert. He worked in the shipping industry before joining Riskpro and is instrumental in exposing the Trade based money laundering cases for the banking sector. He investigated numerous Ponzi Schemes for the Government of Maharashtra and presented in the court of laws as the expert witness to justify the findings of the reports.