Vision for China was great but it was “BRIBED”

In the year 2005 it was found that InVision had bribed of $ 2800000 and was fined for $ 528700. Though the penalty amount for them was $ 528700 it included for total violations done by InVision and was not only for the China violations. This investigation was carried out by the Criminal Division of Department of Justice(CDDOJ).

In both a federal court complaint and an administrative order, the Commission charged that from at least June 2002 through June 2004, InVision employees, sales agents and distributors pursued transactions to sell explosive detection machines to airports in China, the Philippines and Thailand. According to the Commission, in each of these transactions, InVision was aware of a high probability that its foreign sales agents or distributors made or offered to make improper payments to foreign government officials in order to obtain or retain business for InVision.

Thorugh this kind of processing InVision earned around $ 589000 revenue profit on the sales made in those adjacent years. Despite this, InVision allowed the agents or distributors to proceed on its behalf, in violation of the FCPA. The Commission also charged that InVision improperly accounted for certain payments to agents or distributors and failed to have an adequate system of internal controls to detect and prevent violations of the FCPA.

This led them to second violation of FCPA in country and first ever biggest violation of FCPA in China.