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Dun & Bradstreet to pay $9 million FCPA fine


D&B managed its global operations through various international segments, which included regional management in Europe, Canada, Asia Pacific, and Latin America. D&B’s Asia Pacific interests included subsidiaries, joint ventures and strategic partnerships in China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, which were collectively managed through offices located in Shanghai. D&B securities were registered with the SEC and traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

Chinese subsidiaries used third-party agents to make unlawful payments to obtain data vital to Dun & Bradstreet’s business as a provider of business financial information. One subsidiary, part of a joint venture with a Chinese company, acquired non-public financial statement information on Chinese entities, in violation of Chinese law, by making unlawful payments to Chinese government officials. The second subsidiary made improper payments to third parties to acquire non-public personal data in violation of Chinese law that was used in its products and also made improper payments to obtain specific business. These improper payments were falsely recorded as legitimate business expenses. Despite concerns raised during pre-acquisition due diligence efforts, Dun & Bradstreet failed to take appropriate action to stop the improper payments or the false entries into the subsidiary’s books and records, which continued for several years post-acquisition.

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Transport Logistics International Inc. Agrees to Pay $2 Million Penalty


TLI conspired with others to corruptly pay more than $1.7 million to offshore bank accounts associated with shell companies, at the direction of, and for the benefit of, Vadim Mikerin, a Russian official at JSC Techsnabexport (TENEX), a subsidiary of Russia’s State Atomic Energy Corporation.  The bribe payments were made to help TLI secure improper business advantages and obtain and retain business with TENEX.   In order to effectuate and conceal the bribe payments, TLI executives and others caused fake invoices to be prepared, purportedly from TENEX to TLI, that described services that were never provided.  TLI then wired payments for those purported services to shell companies in Latvia, Cyprus and Switzerland to further the bribery scheme.

Penalty on Airtel Payments Bank for violation of KYC Norms


Based on the complaints and adverse media reports alleging that the Airtel Payments bank had opened customer accounts without a clear/specific consent of the customers, a supervisory visit to the bank was undertaken by RBI between November 20 and 22, 2017. The supervisory visit report and other relevant documents, revealed, inter alia, contraventions of ‘Operating Guidelines for Payments Banks’ and the directions issued by RBI on Know Your Customer (KYC) norms.

Based on the documents, a Notice dated January 15, 2018 was issued to the bank advising it to show cause as to why penalty should not be imposed for non-compliance with guidelines and directions issued by RBI. After considering the bank’s reply and oral submissions made in the personal hearing, RBI came to the conclusion that the aforesaid charges of non-compliance with RBI guidelines/directions were substantiated and warranted imposition of monetary penalty.

Increasing incidences of penalties for violation of the KYC norms by the banks, financial institutions and payment banks underline the importance of the Certified KYC Expert program offered by the Indiaforensic.

KYC Violation by Indian Overseas Bank


Reserve Bank of India has imposed a penalty of 2 crore on Indian Overseas Bank (IOB) for violating Know Your Customer (KYC) norms. The Reserve Bank of India in its press release said a fraud was detected in one of the branches of Chennai-headquartered Indian Overseas Bank. It added that the examination of the documents, including the bank’s internal inspection report, revealed non-compliance with the directions issued by the RBI on KYC norms.

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Syndicate Bank fined for violation of KYC Norms


A scrutiny was conducted by RBI of certain branches of the Syndicate bank in the aftermath of a fraud reported in these branches. A monetary penalty of ₹ 5 crores on Syndicate Bank (the bank) for non-compliance was imposed as the directions/guidelines issued by RBI on cheque purchase/discounting, bill discounting, and Know Your Customer (KYC)/Anti-Money Laundering (AML) norms were violated by these branches of Syndicate Bank. Based on the findings of the scrutiny and examination of related documents obtained in this regard, a Notice was issued to the bank advising it to show cause as to why penalty should not be imposed for non-compliance with directions/guidelines issued by RBI.

SBM Offshore to pay $238 Million


SBM conspired to violate the FCPA by paying more than $180 million in commissions to intermediaries, knowing that a portion of those commissions would be used to bribe foreign officials in Brazil, Angola, Equatorial Guinea, Kazakhstan and Iraq.  SBM made these payments in order to influence those officials, for the purpose of securing improper advantages and obtaining or retaining business with state-owned oil companies in the five named countries.  SBM acknowledged that it gained at least $2.8 billion from projects it obtained from these state-owned oil companies.

SBM Offshore N.V. (SBM), a Netherlands-based company specializing in the manufacture and design of offshore oil drilling equipment, and its wholly owned U.S. subsidiary, SBM Offshore USA Inc. (SBM USA), have agreed to resolve criminal charges and pay a criminal penalty of $238 million in connection with schemes involving the bribery of foreign officials in Brazil, Angola, Equatorial Guinea, Kazakhstan and Iraq in violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

18 More Shell companies on SFIO Radar


In an interesting development, the Ministry of Company Affairs which governs the registrations of the companies in India identified 18 more companies which are required to be investigated by the Serious Fraud Investigation office.

In May this year, the MCA had identified 331 companies which had deposited large sums of cash. In August, the Securities and Exchange Board of India had shifted shares of the listed companies into Graded Surveillance Mechanism, thereby severely restricting trading activity in them.

Names of these companies are as follows

  • Dreamline Manpower Solution Private Limited
  • Sterling Agro Industries Limited
  • CMI Limited
  • Maverick Holdings and Investment Private Limited
  • Great Eastern Energy Corporation Limited
  • Seeds and Grains India Private Limited
  • MG Housing
  • SEW Euro Drive India Private limited
  • Logix Soft-Tel Private Limited
  • Royaloak Steels Private Limited
  • Atma Tube Products Limited
  • Sujala Pipes Private Limited
  • Katira Construction Company
  • Raghuveer Metal Industries Limited
  • Minda Sai Limited
  • Genesys International Corporation