Certified Forensic Accounting Professional

Gold Standard Forensic Accounting Certification

Certified Anti Money Laundering Expert

Global Certification at Indian prices customized with Indian Laws

Certified Bank Forensic Accountant

First Forensic Accounting certification for the Indian banking sector started in 2006

Certified Stock Market Frauds Professional

Certified BASEL-III Professional

Certified Insurance Fraud Professional

Certified FATCA Professional

Know Indiaforensic

Brand which Started First Forensic Accounting Certification

Indiaforensic started its first certification in the year 2005. With a nationally recognized Indiaforensic certifications, you hold the power to move ahead in your...

Why Indiaforensic ?

Indiaforensic Center of Studies is driven by world-class research and a profound commitment to:delivering educational excellence providing increased opportunities for forensic accountants offering value to teachers, educational institutions...

What is Indiaforensic ?

Forensic Accounting in India started with one word –Indiaforensic. A brand that has made a difference in the forensic accounting world. Started in year...

Defining Forensic Accounting

In India, Forensic Accounting was defined by CA Mayur Joshi in the year 2003. Here is the article published in 2005 (Defining Forensic Accounting)