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Indian Updates for the aspiring students, Certified Anti Moneylaundering Experts (CAME) and Certified TBML Experts on the Money Laundering Rules, Regulations, Enforcements and Transactions.

Origin of the term Money Laundering

Origin of Money Laundering Today money has become important than oxygen. Surviving without money has become literally impossible. Everyone is in the race to earn...
money laundering

Cuckoo Smurfing instances are rising

Money laundering is generating huge money through criminal activities. These criminal activities include, drug trafficking, human trafficking, terrorist funding etc. the criminal generate a huge amount of money and...

Tracking the legal bits of Virtual Currency regulations in India

India's Apex Court finally lifted the ban on the crypto currency trading. It is important to understand the legalities involved in this crypto trading with the time lines.
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Definition, Stages and Methods of Money Laundering

The September 11 attacks was the reason for the Patriot Act in the United States. This led to an emphasis on new set of rules to combat money laundering...

Value of certification in Anti Money Laundering

“Is it worth my time and money to get CAME?” The short answer to your question is yes, CAME certification can be of great value to you if you are trying to...
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Compliance Certification courses in India

Indiaforensic offers Global Compliance Certifications in India. Ranging from Anti Money Laundering to Anti Corruption, Indiaforensic has pioneered certifications in Compliance.
Politically Exposed Persons

Defining the Politically Exposed Persons

Politically Exposed Persons pose a bigger risk before the financial institutions in India.

Commonly used TBML Techniques

TBML techniques are becoming popular as an alternative remittance system that allows to move the proceeds of illegal activities disguised as legitimate trade. Trade provides ample opportunities to earn money over...

Certified Anti Money Laundering Expert Goes Global

Certified Anti Money Laundering Expert program offered by Indiaforensic Center of Studies. The program was initially designed for the Indian compliance professionals. In the year 2015 the program was revisited and...

Defining Heightened Risk Entities

Risk Assessment procedures of the banks require them to identify and classify the customer. Classification of High Risk Customers is one of the major challenges that every financial institution face. In simple...

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