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Indian Updates for the aspiring students, Certified Anti Moneylaundering Experts (CAME) andĀ Certified TBML Experts on the Money Laundering Rules, Regulations, Enforcements and Transactions.

phantom shipments

Understanding Phantom Shipments in TBML Parlance

In the wake of Trade Based Money Laundering, one term is being commonly used these days and is called Phantom Shipments -The shipments, which exist only on paper.
risk assessment

Importance of Risk Assessment in Anti Money Laundering

Risk assessment is the basis of applying the risk-based approach in any organization. Performing an AML risk assessment enables an organization to understand how, and to what extent, it...
wire stripping

Wire Stripping in Anti Money Laundering Parlance

Money Launderers across the world are now using internet banking and wire transfers for completing their shady financial transactions. They also use wire transfers to disguise the origin of...

Anti Money Laundering Certification in India

Certified Anti Money Laundering is recognised in IT Outsourcing companies as leading compliance certification with strong alumni base
AML KYC Compliance

What is Anti Money Laundering Compliance ?

Historically, money laundering is in existence since almost 2000 years. But it gained prominence in 1920's when a powerful accountant of the Italian Mafia in United States hired the...

Origin of the term Money Laundering

Origin of Money Laundering Today money has become important than oxygen. Surviving without money has become literally impossible. Everyone is in the race to earn...
money laundering

Cuckoo Smurfing instances are rising

Money laundering is generating huge money through criminal activities. These criminal activities include, drug trafficking, human trafficking, terrorist funding etc. the criminal generate a huge amount of money and...

Tracking the legal bits of Virtual Currency regulations in India

India's Apex Court finally lifted the ban on the crypto currency trading. It is important to understand the legalities involved in this crypto trading with the time lines.

Money Laundering through Casinos

Gambling is banned on Indian soil. However, there is no act which prohibits the gambling in Air or water or even online. This creates a big opportunity for the...

International KYC Checks – New Avenue for CAME

What is KYC? As International Banking in India develops, KYC of international entities becomes a pre-requisite. There are very few agencies that can perform international...

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