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Call Center Fraud

Collective Scam in Call Center

The telemarketing project for an American credit-card company was just coming to an end in January when an internal audit at the Wipro Spectramind call center in Navi Mumbai, India, discovered something very alarming: an organized ring of about 60 call-center agents had been systematically scamming U.S. consumers for two months. Supervisors had told the agents to spice up their sales pitch for the client, Capital One Financial Services, by making false claims about free gifts and membership fees, according to Indian press reports. The scam even bypassed Wipro’s sophisticated call-monitoring system.

Reliance made to pay the Consumer

 After conducting its own audit, Capital One, located in McLean, Virginia, rescinded the contract with Wipro in March. But its misadventure--and other recent departures from India by U.S. clients--has confirmed many doubts and concerns about the booming business of outsourcing call centers, and also is serving as a catalyst for human resources to develop more effective approaches to managing offshore workers. Experts and consultants believe that companies can meet the challenges and save millions of dollars by improving training and implementing tighter oversight of offshore call agents. Some U.S. companies have even installed their own teams at offshore call centers.

 "Capital One represents some of the challenges of outsourcing

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