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advertise on indiaforensicIndiaforensic is the highly visited forensic accounting brand in India. The Indiaforensic Media can offer you much more than pure statistical numbers for advertising your brand to Asia’s largest antifraud community base.

Advertise on Indiaforensic

We have an excellent page ranking comparable to some of the most visited sites on the web. And the higher the page rank, the more effective your link building will become. Align your brand with ours, and leverage the power of our content.

Target niche markets

No-one knows our niches like we do. Each of our publications is aimed at a select group of businesses within the financial and professional services industries. So you can target existing, engaged and exclusive customers who know exactly what they want. Our campaigns are always tailored to the specific needs of our clients, and we use a careful balance of editorial and advertising to ensure your ideas stand out from the crowd.

Banner Advertisements

There are 10 banners available with Indiaforensic Media for advertisement for 150*150 pixels.

  •  $100 per month. The advertisement will appear on the front page as well as all the post related pages. Payment to be made in advance. Material should be send to us by the advertisers.

For more information about the rates of advertising please call us on 9766594401 or you can write an email on


You could be next John Grisham of India

Indiaforensic Author

Build your brand

  • Are you a professional interested in your branding ?
  • Do you think you could be the next John Grisham of India ?
  • Do you think your stories can add value to the readers of Indiaforensic audience ?

If answer to any of the above is affirmative then here is a plan for you. [Please refer the author guidelines]

You could be the John Grisham of India

We at Indiaforensic are always excited to engage with guest contributors with great industry knowledge who could be the John Grisham of India. If you are a blog writer who writes about forensic accounting, Investigations, security, cyber crime, digital forensic related topics, we would be happy to publish your original posts on Indiaforensic website which is one of the most exhaustive resource on forensic accounting and investigations in India and pass on credibility to you.

Why to Contribute ?

Indiaforensic have huge reader base who want to follow the latest in forensic accounting and antifrauds. By engaging reader on our portal, you build online reputation of  thought leaders in a particular industry. Moreover we pass on the credibility of your post to you by link back to your linkedin, facebook or Indiaforensic Social Network profiles or your website. We also promote all the posts on Indiaforensic on regular basis to build more relevant reader base for our guest authors.

What to write?

Articles must be informative, crisp and should include your own viewpoint / content, and the most it should have conclusion with some actionable items. You are free to write about anything in investigation and forensic accounting space including tips, challanges, opportunities in forensic accounting or share reviews on top frauds and certifications in forensic accounting. Pick an exciting topic and start writing for our awesome blog.


If you are interested, feel free to get in touch with us at or simply upload your article through form on this webpage. Your article will be reviewed by our editors before it gets published. We will also let you know, once your post get published on India’s most popular forensic accounting portal.

Build Your Profile

We would love to put your short profile below your article and give credits to your social profiles like Indiaforensic Social Network, Facebook or Linkedin. Kindly share your short profile with your image while sharing your story.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Guidelines for Indiaforensic Authors


Short guidelines for the authors looking to contribute to the growing Indiaforensic Community.

Guidelines for Indiaforensic Authors

  • Article should be at least of 700 words; no max limit.
  • Article should have original content and should not be copied from anywhere.
  • Your article should be SEO optimized. While sharing article, do share the keywords for which the post is optimized. Please donot hesitate to talk to us if you donot have one optimsed. Our team can work with you to optimise it.
  • Articles may include relevant photos, videos, infographics etc, which should not be copy-righted
  • Preferably the article should cover the content point wise or section wise with conclusion at the end.
  • Article should not be generic in nature. It should give away concrete learning points for reader.
  • Article should be research based with facts and figures mentioned in it. Author must do online research on topic of article before writing it.Author should also include source links of all site from where the data or facts are collected as a reference point for readers.
  • Articles should use informal dialect as if the author is talking to readers rather than writing article formally for newspaper or magazine.
  • Articles must use grammatically correct language with no spelling mistakes.
  • Author can include maximum 2 links to his/her website. Surely we will give you link back.
  • Along with article, author should also share brief author bio to be included at the end of Articles. You can share your photo and link to social profiles as a part of author bio.
  • We might edit the title (to make it more SEO friendly) and insert links, if required. We will not alter the content of Article without permission of the author.
  • We will pay $10 for articles published on our website, and for sure we will pass on all the credibility to author. This will help build and promote author’s credibility.

Read about the author program here

For more information on our Author Program you may feel free to Mr. Sarang on +91-9049873466 or write to us on

Indiaforensic Social Network for Businesses

social network

Gain Visibility for your company

Indiaforensic social network is all set to distribute the benefits of its traffic to the businesses. Indiaforensic is one of the most viewed website on the subject of forensic accounting in India with more than 40000 page-views in a month and now the businesses listing on this social networking platform can gain visibility due to the heavy traffic on the site.

  • If you have a presentable website, marketable product or interesting service line then listing your website on the Indiaforensic platform will help you to get the quality traffic from your potential clients.
  • Not only will people with whom you’ve done business in the past be able to recommend your company profile on various social networking sites, but you’ll also be able to garner referred traffic from other websites along with organic search engine traffic, which can lead to new business connections and further referrals.

Increase traffic to your site with Indiaforensic Social Network

Being on Indiaforensic platform can help you vastly improve traffic to your website by allowing you to place a link to your site on your profile or company page. Since Indiaforensic is a high-visibility site, this can only benefit your business or professional brand. The traffic value earned by registering your business is much more than the membership fees.

Generate qualified leads

  • Indiaforensic website is very popular amongst the heads of frauds and forensics in various countries. Certified Forensic Accounting Professionals who are looking for the vendors, service providers or a particular solution will be able to locate your company when doing vendor searches on Indiaforensic platform which can help you attract qualified leads for your business.

Attract qualified professionals

  • Certified Forensic Accounting Professionals who are seeking employment will be able to locate your company when doing job searches, which can help you attract qualified job prospects to fill your vacant positions. Through your Indiaforensic listing and/or profile, you’ll be able to advertise your company’s existence, philosophy, methods, accomplishments, and objectives. If interested, you may also go for employer login where you can directly contact the Certified Forensic Accounting Professionals using the Indiaforensic platform to communicate the job openings for a fee.

If you are an individual entrepreneur or freelancer, you’ll also be able to find the individual professional connections that are Certified and specialise in a particular domain and can prove valuable in finding other qualified professionals with whom to collaborate or to whom you may sub-contract projects when needed.

Get Featured on Indiaforensic Social Network

The ultimate value of Indiaforensic platform can be measured from how many leads you have generated and the visibility you have gained in other demographics. Featuring your company creates more value as your profile appears on the very first landing page of the listings and can leave behind a long lasting impact.

The best part of the corporate listings is that the service is offered at a very cost effective price, meaning those who don’t choose to be  featured can continue to reap the benefits that accrue from simply starting a company page on the most popular forensic accounting network on the Internet.