Chakshu: Reporting Cyber Fraud Instances

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Amit Retharekar
Amit Retharekar
Amit Retharekar is a banker by profession. He has extensively worked in co-operative banking sector in India for more than a decade. He is a Certified Anti Money Laundering Expert. He also is the Certified Trade Based Money Laundering Expert and has witnessed the walk through of this course hands on. He recommends this course for AML professionals to have a deeper understanding on TBML subject.

Most Indians & hordes of Foreigners who have post COVID pandemic taken to a sudden liking towards all types of Indian movies have seen scenes of “Anniyan” or Aparichit. If anyone breaks/violates the law, people could log in to his website, provide details & this multiple personality disorder affected “Vigilante” punished them using techniques of ancient Garudapurana. By any stretch of imagination; this is a hyperbole. 

But, what if I told you; Govt of India wants you to be their Vigilante Friend in fight towards growing cybercrimes ??? 

The Government of India (Department of Telecommunications, Ministry of Communications) has launched the “Chakshu” portal under the Sanchar Sathi initiative as a citizen – driven solution to combat the menace of increasing cyber frauds. If you are someone who is getting calls or messages from suspicious numbers (even once or repeatedly); you may report it on this “Chakshu” portal. 

It is apt that this portal is named as Chakshu. It is a word of Indian origin which denotes “Eyes”. The same set of eyes which consume more of natural surroundings in the world, but get strained in the screen-time of the virtual digital world. The digital realm is more artificial than it seems sometimes but has real life financial implications; if one gets entangled into it. 

Everyone amongst us in some or other mediums like SMS, Call or Whatsapp has received such unsolicited communication pertaining to KYC expiry or bank account status update or gas connection-electricity connection deactivation, etc. Some may also be getting lucrative messages offering a part-time online job or a chance to make a quick buck by liking Google links/Youtube videos. As a vigilant citizen; you may not have been a victim of this but what if someone else fall into this trap?

Considering this, Govt has set up Chakshu portal for such Vigilante to provide information to the investigating agencies in the system. Once you report such suspicious messages/calls and the specific number, it will be scrutinized. The mobile number and people/entities running the same will be thoroughly investigated by the concerned agencies if they detect a threat and accordingly mitigation measures shall apply. 

This link of this Department of Telecommunications, Sanchar Saathi Chakshu portal is-

You can provide details of “Suspected Fraud Communication” received either as Call/ SMS/ Whatsapp. If you are providing Whatsapp as a Medium for the same, you are also required to report the communication on WhatsApp as per their policy. 

The various categories you can report is;

·       KYC related to bank/electricity/ gas/ insurance policy

·       Impersonation as Government official/ relative

·       Fake customer care helpline

·       Online job/ lottery/ gifts/ loan offers

·       Sextortion

·       Multiple automated/ robo communication

·       Malicious link/ website 

·       Any other suspected fraud

You are required to provide your name, mobile number, date, time and mandatorily attach screenshot of the same (if SMS or Whatsapp medium selected) and up to 500 words free text explaining why this is a suspected fraud communication. Additionally, any additional phone numbers or URL’s that the suspected communication mentions, if medium is SMS can also be provided. It should be noted that the identity of the person complaining on this platform will be kept confidential. 

If a citizen is already a victim of cybercrime or financial fraud; complaint has to be given to the Cybercrime Helpline Tollfree No. 1930 or the National Cybercrime Reporting Portal website of the I4C, Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt of India. In police parlance, if an ” incident ” / accident has occurred, the National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal must be the touchpoint. However, even if the accident has not occurred; mere information that appears suspicious can still be passed on through this portal and the investigative agencies can be alerted in time.

Meanwhile, another important initiative launched by the Department of Telecommunications is the Digital Intelligence Platform ( DIP ) . It aims to enhance cooperation among various law enforcement agencies, banks and financial institutions to comprehensively combat fraud. The portal will combine the information received from vigilant citizens in Chakshu and the information already gathered in the cybercrime portal and can detect and curb such mobile numbers , individuals / organizations in a timely manner. This will significantly boost the combating of such rogue cybercrime elements effectively. 

Total visitors4 Cr+
Total fraudulent connections disconnected59 Lakh
Mobile connections disconnected based on user feedback23 Lakh
Mobile connections disconnected for exceeding limit17 Lakh
Mobile connections disconnected based on inputs from LEAs, banks, IRCTC, etc.4 Lakh
Total disconnections1 Cr+
Total handsets blocked for involvement in cyber crimes1.5 Lakh
PoS blocklisted71 thousand
FIRs registered365+
Total handsets blocked based on user requests14 Lakh
Total handsets traced and information given to State Governments7 Lakh
PoC with WhatsApp – total accounts disengaged3 Lakh
Action taken by Banks/Payment wallets – accounts frozen10 Lakh
Total money of Indian citizens savedINR 1000 Cr

By remaining vigilant, reporting suspicious activity and using such tools; all of us can play a role in combating cybercrime / financial fraud. The digital revolution has been exploited by anti-social elements, so citizens are requested to wholeheartedly cooperate with this initiative of the Government by becoming their “third eye”.

By encouraging vigilant reporting and taking proactive measures against suspected fraud communications, Govt of India and all its agencies remain dedicated to safeguarding the interests and well-being of every citizen.

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