Compliance Certification courses in India

There are many Compliance Certification courses in India. But only few of them are global and some of them are local. Globally, there are several renowned certifications focusing on enriching AML or Compliance related topics. To confront a growing number of threats and more savvy criminals, professionals in anti-money laundering roles need training that goes beyond the basics. There are couple of online AML Certification courses which could be helpful for the aspirants looking to enter the domain of compliance. 

Online AML Certification courses

Moreover, in addition to the Certified Anti Money Laundering Expert program Indiaforensic offers following certification courses

  • Certification in Trade Based Money Laundering – Trade products are structured to cater to varied interests of genuine parties. These act as a “check” on each other. However, when the counter parties collude, TBML risk increases.
  • AML Certification for Money Service Businesses – Money changers, exchange houses, digital currency exchanges and money exchanges need to identify the suspicious transactions. This program helps them do the investigations effectively.
  • Shell Company Investigations – This short term AML program helps the students to understand the different types of corporate structures. Also, these corporate structures facilitate financial crime. This course is a part of the enhanced course.
  • Risk Based Money Laundering – This online learning course discuss different aspects of risk based kyc approach and identification of the high risk customers. It is also a complimentary study for traditional CAME program.
  • AML Certification for the Real estate – This certification program discuss different methods of laundering money through the real estate sector.
  • Crypto Currency Laundering – Together with above programs this course is useful to learn advanced financial crime techniques. This program is Ultimate guide for compliance and risk management professionals dealing with the crypto currency related financial crime.

Above all, CA Mayur Joshi is the proctor of all these courses. Most of the AML Certifications in India help the professionals to get their resume up skilled by adding the certifications such as Certified Anti Money Laundering Experts (CAME). These certifications are important milestone in professional development. Moreover, Certifications show that professionals are out of the crowd. They have requisite knowledge to work in the AML and Compliance domain.

Contents of AML Certification courses

AML Certifications help the professionals to distinguish themselves from the crowd and it also adds the knowledge and value to the professional who is studying the subject of Anti Money Laundering. In reality, there are few certifications which offer a good curriculum.

However, Money Laundering is a technical subject, which needs to be understood in the local parlance. Every country faces different financial crime challenges. Columbia’s challenge is drug trafficking whereas Thailand face the challenge of Human Trafficking.

Financial Terms used in every country may also differ. In such scenario the professional gain the insights when he studies the local laws.

Certified Anti Money Laundering Expert Program is one of the most popular programs in India. Moreover, this course is designed for the Indian bankers and compliance professionals. This program emphasize on the local laws and the local terminologies. Moreover, these terms are typically used by the Law enforcement agencies and the compliance professionals. In addition, it provides guidance on financial crime risks in emerging technologies like digital currencies, mobile payments etc.

Cost of AML Certifications

Ambitious professionals always look forward to go global, however the cost of the global certifications play a major barrier in completion of the Certification process. Whereas, Online AML Certifications mentioned above are helpful to the aspirants to get their compliance knowledge updated. The online certifications are also combined with the online assessments and with the certifications from the course providers.

As a matter of fact, one should do the cost benefit analysis of completion of certifications. Some AML certifications in India are focused on KYC alone. Though, it is necessary to understand that KYC is a very very small part of the Money Laundering Process. There are many other aspects involved in the process of money laundering. Politically Exposed Persons, High Risk Entities are some of the other equally important aspects of the AML regime. Hence, the cost of certifications vary when the practical case studies are discussed.

Certified Anti Money Laundering Expert syllabus covers KYC, Trade Based Money Laundering, Prevention of Money Laundering Act etc. Indiaforensic center of Studies offers this program. The payments are however, accepted in Indian Rupees. Moreover, there are multiple payment options like Bhim UPI, Credit Card, Net Banking. These payment options are equally important for convenience of students. It costs Rs. 21500 for an individual to complete the certification.

 Domestic StudentsInternational Students
Course RegistrationRs.3500$ 70
Curriculum FeesRs.10500$ 180
Examination FeesRs.3500$ 70
Certification FeesRs.4000$ 80
Total Cost of CertificationRs.21500$ 400

In case you have doubts or queries about certification you can refer the CAME brochure. Whenever the professionals are interested in completion of the certification course in Anti Money Laundering, they can reach out to Vedant on +91-9766594401