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PMLA Amendments 23: Strengthened Regulations and Increased Scrutiny

The Government of India has amended the PMLA Rules to further expand the scope of money laundering. Money Laundering has become a serious problem...
International AML Guidelines

Certification in International AML Guidelines

This Certification course offers an exhaustive set of resources for the students. It comprises a Live Training Session where the aspirants would get the knowledge of International AML Guidelines.
Sanctions Screening

Sanctions Screening- Live Training Certification

This Certification course offers an exhaustive set of resources for the students. It comprises a Live Training Session where the aspirants would get the knowledge of sanctions in AML.

Certified KYC Expert Exam

This is the Uniform Certified KYC Expert Examination. After completion of this examination, you can add CKYCE after your name. Certified KYC Expert is...

Preparation Course for Uniform CKYCE Examination

Designed with the busy compliance professionals in mind, the CKYCE Preparation Exam gives the aspirants flexibility needed to prepare for the CKYCE Exam on your schedule. CKYCE Preparation Exam is...

KYC for Crypto Currency Exchanges

In June 2019, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) adopted an Interpretive Note to Recommendation 15 to further clarify how the FATF requirements should apply...

Scenarios of Report Writing

In this section, we are going to see some typical scenarios associated with Investigative Report Writing. One of the most important facts to remember is...

Mistakes to Avoid while writing Investigative Reports

As an RCU representative, when you are investigating frauds or performing forensic audits you need to avoid certain mistakes while writing the report. This...

The Executive Summary

The executive summary is the critical part of the investigative report. This is best done after the document itself is finished. You are likely to...

Certification Resources

forensic accountant

How to be a successful forensic accountant ?

Successful forensic accountants in India are qualified as the Certified Forensic Accounting Professional (CFAP)

Why to hire Certified Forensic Accounting Professionals ?

If this trust is met with fraud then two equally disheartening and unprofitable reactions, might take place – the first, the customer loses his trust in your brand and the second;...

Syllabus for the CFAP Program

One of the most important considerations of choosing the CFAP program over any other forensic accounting certifications is the syllabus of certification. CFAP is focused on local laws and India specific...
scope of forensic

Scope of Forensic Accounting services in India

Certified Forensic Accounting Professional is one of the most sought after certification in the forensic accounting domain in India. The scope of forensic accounting services in last 5 years have grown...
Foundation Course

Foundation course on forensic accounting

Foundation course in forensic accounting is one of the significant initiatives of Indiaforensic Center of Studies to promote awareness among the students about the growing need of forensic accounting and fraud investigations....
scope of forensic accounting

What is the role of Forensic Accountant ?

It is essential to understand the role of forensic accountant in the wake of growing financial frauds in the corporate sector.