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Short Term Compliance Certifications

Indiaforensic offers Certified Anti Money Laundering Expert and Certified Forensic Accounting Professional. in addition to the short term compliance certifications in Risk Based AML, Trade Based AML, Shell Company investigations etc. Compliance Certification is the synonym of CAME.

Certified Forensic Accounting Professional

Gold Standard Forensic Accounting Certification

Certified Anti Money Laundering Expert

Global Certification at Indian prices customized with Indian Laws

Certified Stock Market Forensic Accountant

This program is offered in Association with NSE Academy (Subsidiary of NSE).

Money Services Business

Money Service BusinessesCertification in Anti Money Laundering (AML) for Money Service Businesses is designed to help the financial institutions dealing with the money changers, currency exchanges and money remitters.

Trade Based Money Laundering

Trade Based Money LaunderingCertification in Trade Based Money Laundering related issues such as cross border transactions, complex documentation, products and pricing related issues.

Shell Company Investigation

Certification in Shell Company investigations is an important tool to decrypt the corporate structures used by the high net worth individuals in tax evasion.

Risk Based AML & KYC

Certification in Risk Based Approach to KYC and AML is a designed to create awareness about high risk customers, risk classification and replacing KYC with new approach.

AML Compliance

Defining Forensic Accounting

In India, Forensic Accounting was defined by CA Mayur Joshi in the year 2003. Here is the article published in 2005 (Defining Forensic Accounting)

Type of Frauds

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