Forensic Accounting

Unmasking Misconduct: A Clear Guide to Whistleblowing Investigations in India

Have you ever witnessed something wrong happening at work, in your community, or even online? Maybe it's financial fraud, environmental damage, or a violation of safety regulations. Speaking up...

Role of a Certified Forensic Accounting Professional

Certified forensic accounting professionals are individuals who have earned a professional certification in forensic accounting. Certification can be obtained by successfully completing the CFAP...

Financial Crimes – What is it exactly ?

Financial crimes are now affecting the common man's life despite financial institutions being known as the ultimate losers in such events. Banks, NBFCs, Cooperative...

Applying forensic accounting in Economic Offenses

Fraud and Corruption are the most common forms of economic offenses but that is not the end. Economic offense is a broader term and...

Financial Crimes and Compliance Certifications in India

This article provides information about the Forensic Audit Certifications in India including CFAP, CBFA, CAME etc.

All Defunct companies are not shell

Certification in Shell Company Investigations is an elearning program offered by Indiaforensic.

Forensic Audit Vs. Forensic Accounting

This article is an effort to create the distinction between forensic accounting and forensic auditing

Definition and Classification of Stock Market Frauds

Every stock market investor enters the stocks with the aim of making profits. However, many of them are not aware of the meaning of...

Forensic Audit and Case Studies

Large corporate frauds is no more a new phenomenon for the finance world. In 2009, when India witnessed the Satyam, Forensic Audit profession was...

How to be a successful forensic accountant ?

Successful forensic accountants in India are qualified as the Certified Forensic Accounting Professional (CFAP)

Why to hire Certified Forensic Accounting Professionals ?

If this trust is met with fraud then two equally disheartening and unprofitable reactions, might take place – the first, the customer loses his...