Short Term E-learning Courses offered by Indiaforensic

Over the decades of excellence in certifications in Risk Management domain, Indiaforensic is now the known brand name in the financial crimes and compliance sector employees. With the launch of e-learning programs, Indiaforensic offers a wide range of certifications in the financial crimes compliance domain.


The list of forensic accounting certifications offered by Indiaforensic center of Studies is as follows

Certification Name Target Audience Mode Profession Registration Link
Certified Forensic Accounting Professional Students of Accountancy and Finance Distance Learning Financial Crimes CFAP Registration
Certified Bank Forensic Accountant Banking Aspirants Distance Learning Financial Crimes CBFA Registration
Certified Insurance Forensic Accountant Insurance Aspirants Distance Learning Financial Crimes CIFA Registration
Certified Stock Market Forensic Accountant Stock Market Aspirants and Investors Distance Learning Financial Crimes CSMFA Registration
Certified Anti Money Laundering Expert Compliance Professionals Distance Learning Compliance CAME Registration
Certified TBML Expert International Trade Professionals, Trade finance professionals Distance Learning Compliance CTBMLE Registration
Certified BASEL III Expert Risk Management Professionals Distance Learning Compliance CBIIIE Registration
Certification in eCommerce Frauds Professionals from eCommerce, Payment Gateways E-learning Financial Crimes CEFS Registration
Certification in Forensic Accounting and Fraud Detection CA,CS,CMA and MBA students E-learning Financial Crimes CFAFD Registration
Certification in Risk Based Approach to Money Laundering Compliance Professionals E-learning Compliance CRBML Registration
Certification in AML Requirements for Currency Exchanges Staff of Currency Exchange Houses, Crypto currency exchanges E-learning Compliance CMSBML Registration
Certification in Shell Company Investigations Lawyers and Corporate Structuring Professionals E-learning Compliance CSHELLI Registration

Today, Indiaforensic offers multiple certifications in the traditional as well as e-learning mode in association with the Riskpro Learning. In this section you can register for any of the certifications.

Compliance Certifications

Certified Anti Money Laundering Expert is considered as the Crown Jewel of Compliance Certifications. This certification is offered in the traditional distance learning mode and the successful candidates can add CAME words after their name.

Short Term E-learning Compliance Courses

Compliance is a function which evolves continuously. Based on the industry requirements we have created the following short term e-learning courses for the students and compliance professionals.

Financial Crimes Certification

Certified Forensic Accounting Professional course is one of the first forensic accounting certifications in India. It was started in 2008. This certification address the needs of the professionals looking to solve the complex fraud problems in banks, insurance companies, stock markets or any other industrial units.

Certified Forensic Accounting Professional is the Culmination of financial crimes certifications.This certification is offered in the traditional distance learning mode and the successful candidates can add CFAP words after their name.

Short term E-learning Courses in Financial Crimes

Below are the short term programs in the financial crimes domain. These are completely online certification programs. From registration to certification everything can be completed online using the below links. Once you register for the e-learning courses it is necessary to check out your digital learning zone, where your certification programs get added.