Preparation Course for Uniform CBFA Examination

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    Designed with the busy compliance professionals in mind, the CBFA Preparation Exam gives the aspirants flexibility needed to prepare for the CBFA Exam on your schedule. CBFA Preparation Exam is packaged with the practice tests that simulate the actual CBFA Exam experience, the CBFA Preparation Exam will help you prepare to pass CBFA Exam and add the the four proud letters after your name.

    CBFA preparation Exam includes the database of the questions related to Certified Bank Forensic Accountant examination conducted by the Indiaforensic Center of Studies. These questions include the past examination questions as well as the questions of the recent developments in the money laundering domain.

    This is a simulated examination for Uniform CBFA Examination

    Please note that actual questions in the examination may differ from the questions in the simulated tests. There is no guarantee that final examination questions would be from the same question bank.

    We recommend that the students should take up the simulated test at-least 5 times before appearing for the final examinations however students should read the Forensic Accounting Manual and the reference books provided to them.

    Terms and Conditions

    • The CBFA Prep Course is licensed to only one user.
    • It should not be shared with anyone.
    • Its contents are designed as an exam preparation aid. Once you have practiced enough and have confidence of passing the CBFA Exam, write back to the education team of Indiaforensic for the further assistance.
    • Though the CBFA Prep Course is created for the aspirants to clear the CBFA exams effectively, we encourage the students to refer the Forensic Accounting Manual

    Students can also refer to the Preparation Guidance provided by other certified members.