Riskpro launches “Risk Academy” for app based learning experience

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Forensic Accounting in India started with one word - Indiaforensic.
As a part of the continuing effort in the Forensic Accounting and AML domain, Riskpro Learning launched the first-ever app-based learning experience for governance, risk and compliance professionals – Risk Academy.
This app provides a new way of digital education using Mobile applications. The main aim of launching the app is value-based education in Forensic Accounting and AML domain through the Edtech solution.
The app-based learning is a milestone in Riskpro accreditation which would help the governance risk and compliance professionals to enhance their knowledge in the domain. Risk Academy Android App provides step by step guide for professionals, aspirants and students to enter the domain of GRC.
Through app-based learning, the aspirants can undergo E-learning that is supported by real-life problem-solving scenarios. The courses offered through Mobile App are for all level aspirants. Risk Academy has built the courses for a wide range of audiences, right from students to professionals and from any region of the world.
For students, Risk Academy offers an array of courses ranging from the basics of accounting to global compliance subjects. Additionally, the global Certification Program in Forensic Accounting is one of the interesting financial risk certifications. The app will also offer learning access to the virtual training conducted on bank frauds and anti-money laundering. Moreover, aspirants learn from the banking and financial experts.

Additionally, this program will also help the entry-level staff who are willing to do their career in fraud detection, prevention, investigation etc.  In this program, one will be able to understand the overview of forensic accounting, the different processes and roles of forensic accountants that take place, what are the different types of fraud, how the industry fraud works, a basic understanding of forensic accounting, forensic accounting techniques developed with the help of financial statement frauds.

First App for learning Governance, Risk and Compliance topics

Risk Academy also provides different types of e-learning courses like Certification in CryptoCurrency Laundering, Operational Risk-Based Approach to tackle anti-money laundering, Certification in Trade-Based Money Laundering etc.

The app also gives the aspirants to use self-paced learning courses like Certified Forensic Accounting Professional. Its regarded as an all-in-one app for GRC professionals.

On the occasion of the launch, Mayur Joshi said “We are proud to announce the learning app for risk management professionals”. Mayur Joshi is the founder of Indiaforensic.
This application opens a lot of learning opportunities for students and aspirants around the world as they just need to open an application on their mobile and all the knowledge will be at their fingertips.
There is a substantial growth of mobile users. There are many apps which facilitate them to complete the process of admissions to certification through mobile. However, there are no apps focused on risk management, fraud investigation, financial crimes etc. So launching the first-ever app in the risk domain is going to be beneficial for the aspirants. “Joshi further added.

About Riskpro Learning

Riskpro is an ed-tech solution provider in the risk management space. The platform’s online courses aim to empower anti-financial crime professionals to develop relevant knowledge. Riskpro operates within the fields of governance, audit, risk and compliance, financial crime prevention and anti-money laundering.
Additionally, Riskpro is a disruptive professional online education provider for the global anti-financial crime community.
Founded in 2008, they have already enhanced the professional skills of thousands of anti-financial professionals all over the world. High quality, easy to access, and affordable online training programs is the focus area of the company.
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