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Certified Forensic Accounting Professionals is a very strong community across the world. It is independent and influential. Some of the Certified professionals were involved in some of the biggest fraud and money laundering investigations, but their efforts are not popularised and this section endevours to take them to general public. This section speaks about the success stories of the Certified Forensic Accounting Professionals across the world.

Whistleblowing allegations against President of the NGO

Sometimes the CFAPs are called to work on the forensic accounting projects in the NGO sector. While i was talking to a friend who is often called to investigate the allegations...

Case of spear phishing in India

Fraudsters are evolving with the technology. Couple of years ago, Phishing was replaced by Vishing and now SpearPhishing is the new baby on the blocks. Spear Phishing in India is not...

State of frauds in Russia

Kirill started his career 17 years ago, when he was a member of the team setting up the first Russian language full text Internet archive/library. His area of work was to...

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