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Media Quotes about Mayur Joshi, Founder of Indiaforensic in various Indian Newspapers and Media.These media mentions emphasize the thought leadership of Indiaforensic in the Forensic Accounting Domain.

DNA19122009-page-001  Education Times 3092007
DNA Newspaper Education Times -30.09.2007
CXOtoday17072013-page-001 Commercial Crime International Sept 08-page-009
CXO Today – 17.07.2013 Commercial Crime International
Businesstoday22022009-page-001 Businesstoday20122008-page-001
Business Today 22.02.2009 Business Today 20.12.2008
Bernama25082008-page-001 BS13082009
Bernama 25.08.2008 Business Standard 13.08.2009
Education Times -30.09.2007
asiatimes03122009-page-001 Afternoon12102011-page-001
Asia Times 03.12.2009 Afternoon DC 12.10.2011
DigitalFc24082008-page-001 CFO Connect2006-page-001
Financial Chronicle – 24.08.2008 CFO Connect 2006
DNA11062008-page-001 DigitalFc24082008-page-001
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