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Founded in 2005, by Mayur Joshi Indiaforensic Consultancy Services (ICS) is a Pune-based training and educational organization engaged in fraud examination, security, risk management and forensic accounting in India. From 2008, Indiaforensic is the brand owned by the Riskpro Management Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

Indiaforensic provides the world recognized certifications which includes the Certification in forensic accounting, bank forensic and money laundering. Forensic Accounting in India started with one word –Indiaforensic. A brand that has made a difference in the forensic accounting world. Started in year 2005, Indiaforensic now helps more than 50 business brands across the world to solve global financial fraud related problems by providing them education and customized training solutions. Indiaforensic is known for creating new educational and training products that breaks the industry norms.

All the educational products are created by the Indiaforensic Center of Studies are based on the extensive research done by the team of in-house experts and the field experience of the board of the advisors of Indiaforensic.

Indiaforensic is the pioneer in the field of forensic accounting, well connected and networked with the industry. Indiaforensic is known for creating new educational and research products and services that break the industry norms. With about  a network of more than 2000+ members Indiaforensic leads the forensic accounting movement in India.