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Forensic Rating Model

Forensic Rating Model to identify creative accounting

Forensic Rating Model for Financial Statements is based on the J-Score calculation.

New feature “Corporate Training on Forensic Accounting”

After the Satyam’s saga the awareness, need and importance of this kind of professional training has increased. So we have specially designed a corporate training program to let you guard your...

CFAP – Certified Forensic Accounting Professional

Satyam scandal was broke out and the demand for the forensic accountants increased suddenly. It was estimated that India will need more than 6000 forensic accountants in coming few days. We...

Forensic Accounting Services offered

Gaurav Gupta is an accountant. But his work has very little to do with closing the monthly balance sheets and P&L or signing the payroll cheques. While typical bean counters hours...

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