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Specialisation in Digital Laundering


Certified Anti-Money Laundering Expert with the research report on Digital Laundering for the limited period of time.



certified anti moneylaundering expert CAMECAME with Digital Laundering

Certified Anti Money Laundering Expert has become the benchmark for the money laundering professionals across the world. This is the global certification offered by Indiaforensic and the research on the money laundering evolves continuously.

Under the limited period offer, professionals registering for the Certified Anti-Money Laundering Expert course before the expiry of the promotional period would be entitled for the study material on the Laundering with the Digital Currencies without any extra cost.

The report — ‘Laundering in Cyber World- The Digital Currency Way‘ — cited a recent case in the US involving ‘Liberty Reserve’ — a digital currency website which was used for laundering at least USD 6 billion by data thieves, drug dealers, child pornographers, identity thieves, hackers and other criminals. This research was one of the highest covered research reports of Indiaforensic.

Traditional money laundering has often been a secondary process – preceded by an illegal activity, such as drug trafficking but the liberty reserve case shows that data thefts, hacking attacks and online scams are replacing the traditional crimes and the digital currency is now at the centre of the laundering operations.

Professionals registering for this program are entitled to get the research report free of cost which otherwise costs Rs. 6000/-

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CAME with Digital Laundering – Limited Period

This is a limited period offer which ends on 30th June’2014. The offer is valid for the professionals registering online only. For more information on the offer you can speak to Mr. Rajendra Kulkarni on 9766594401 or write to us on education@indiaforensic.com





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