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Certified KYC Expert


This course is now part of the Enhanced AML Certification offered by Indiaforensic. You can check out the certification page for more information. Click here for more information.

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KYC regulations have become important in the Indian Banking sector due to the ever increasing money laundering activities. E-commerce companies have started facing the need of understanding their customers. In the wake of these developments a Certified KYC Expert plays a significant role in building the KYC processes of the financial institutions, fintech and ecommerce companies. In order to help your teams further mitigate the money laundering risks posed by the customers Indiaforensic designed this extensive Know Your Customer / Customer Due Diligence certification program.

Certified KYC Expert

This certification program is designed to impart skills that can help you improve customer due diligence by learning how to better assess what you need to know, explore where to find the answers, organize your customer information in a meaningful way, and present your findings and Customer Due Diligence requirements clearly to all stakeholders. This is an ideal course for compliance professionals early in their careers. This certification course is offered as a part of the Certified Anti Money Laundering Expert (CAME) program, which is a globally accepted accreditation.

The certification is aimed at enhancing the quality of compliance with the directions of RBI in combating illegal operations and movement of funds through the use of banking channels. KYC and Anti Money Laundering operations have assumed added importance owing to the security risk that it poses to the country, and also to maintain the financial health of the institutions.

  • Know about money laundering process & methods
  • Learn KYC guidelines
  • Know how to combat illegal operations
  • Understand legislation & international cooperation
  • Learn about customer risk and transaction monitoring

To know more about this course, kindly get in touch with our education team at education[at] indiaforensic[dot]com or please feel free to call us on +91-9766594401


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