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Enhanced AML Certification program for compliance professionals


Certified Anti Money laundering Expert is the benchmark certification in the compliance domain addressing the issues related to KYC, Hawala, Benami transactions. The package of courses offers 2 additional e-learning courses, Risk-Based AML and Shell Company Investigations in addition to the secured admission to the CAME program. Classroom training is not included in this package.

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The Certified Anti Money Laundering Expert program is emerging as the first line of defense in the fight against financial crime risks. As financial crimes are evolving, the CAME program is changing its nature. This package is one of the Best AML Certifications bundles offered to AML compliance professionals. Additionally, it envisages confidence building among the participants, by improving their knowledge & skills in the area of KYC and AML. The program takes the participants through a logical journey. Right from getting conceptual clarity on various aspects of KYC& AML to understanding the intricacies of shell companies.

The demand for compliance officers has increased exponentially in the finance sector because of numerous billion-dollar fines, the growing importance of data analytics, and fintech or regtech diversification in the financial services industry. There is an increase in the compliance budget and the demand for the aml professionals is growing to run effective aml compliance programs. Although AML and compliance have created stable and fulfilling positions and career paths, they are not for everyone. This job is demanding. It requires special AML training. Considering the needs of the industry and the jobs, we have carved a special program for compliance aspirants.

Enhanced AML KYC Certification

This anti-money laundering training program includes the best of all resources built by Indiaforensic over the years. This program combines the best of the three programs. It blends the different instruction modes to make this program perfect for dynamic compliance roles.

  1. Certified Anti-Money Laundering Expert Program - This is the traditional anti-money laundering certification program offered by Indiaforensic since 2008. This program is offered in the traditional distance learning mode.
  2. Risk-Based Approach to KYC Program - KYC methodologies have emerged beyond the checklist approach and now require banks to take a holistic view of the risks associated with financial institutions. Traditional KYC methods are evolving and this course deals with some of the most important concepts of the Risk-Based AML. This is a video learning program.
  3. Shell Company Investigations - Global paper leaks reveal the nexus of the corporate in the tax haven countries. It is important to understand the ways in which shell companies are working. This is a video learning program specifically carved for those professionals who are engaged in international investigations.

Sometimes the aspirants are looking to take up the certification programs, but the anti-money laundering certification fee resists them from doing one. By combining three programs, the students can also save a significant amount. This program is helpful in the professional development of transaction monitoring teams.

Anti Money Laundering Certification Eligibility

Applicants must have at least 40 points which consider not only their educational qualifications but also their work experience. For details about eligibility norms please click here

Under this AML KYC training, Indiaforensic offers access to its world-class video learning programs for no extra cost. This is in addition to the study material in the traditional format.

Nothing has changed. Neither the registration process nor the syllabus. In addition to the world-class certified anti-money laundering expert Manual, now you will also get access to the AML KYC-related topical certification programs. These programs come with the in-built certifications which are important tools in professional development. In addition to the study material students also learn the Prevention of Money Laundering Act.

This is a blended learning program. Under this program students of the Certified Anti Money Laundering Expert, program get to access two e-learning programs. These two e-learning courses cost Rs.7000 each if registered individually.

Enhanced certification in AML KYC offers value for money. Indiaforensic, along with the CAME program offers Riskpro learning certifications. Not only that, the certifications are absolutely complimentary.

The most successful CAME professionals come up with creative ways to add to the bottom line. They help front office bankers, traders or salespeople find their success without breaking the law or their own values. Integrity is the reason for the success of the CAME program, which makes CAME one of the best aml certifications globally.

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Additional Resources

This course is a combined package of our best selling compliance certification with other e-learning courses. In this package you get access to two e-learning programs viz. Risk Based Approach to Money Laundering and Shell Company investigations in addition to the admission for Certified Anti Money Laundering Expert program.

Study Materials

To prepare for Certified Anti Money Laundering Expert Program, you will get two modules from Indiaforensic-
1. 300 Pages AML Manual
2. 200 Page Global Handbook
You have to go through this modules thoroughly to appear for an examination.

19 reviews for Enhanced AML Certification program for compliance professionals

  1. Ameya Joglekar

    In my opinion, Certified Anti Money Laundering Expert program is a world class program. The examination is a bit tough. It takes time to study, however, if the person in working in the AML domain, then it is worth taking this certification. It is really value for money certification program.

  2. Sunil Bahri – Dubai

    My first interaction with Rajinder was over the international phone call when i spoke to him about the prospects of the course in Middle Eastern countries. I was very happy to know that the course was designed for the international students, though the primary focus of the laws was India. Since then i got associated with Indiaforensic as a certified member. The journey of getting the certification was very smooth.

  3. Kalappa Badiger

    In my opinion CAME is one of the most optimized courses, it delivers exhaustive syllabus and is designed to understand the complicated concepts in the layman terms. I went on reading the manual without keeping it aside as it avoids the jargons and provides information in the right direction.

  4. Akash Shigwan

    When i was recommended this certification by one of my school mate i was completely unaware of the value it is going to add to my career. However, by the time i completed the course, i was aware of most of the answers that are asked in the interviews. I not only became certified but also became employable due to this certification. Thank you team Indiaforensic, it is really a skill building certification.

  5. Sairam Kesavamurthy (verified owner)

    “Indiaforensic” having a elevated systemic method from end to end procedure. It enriched my proficiency in the profession. It’s a catalyst to enhancing the skill set to reach the pinnacle on a right track.

    The objective of the itinerary (Course material) is drafted more precious and very practical to understand to fetch a live scenario on concepts. It generates the reader to accrue the knowledge from the ground level.

    Earnestly thank you for your best support extended persistently and I am glad to designated as “CAME” a prestigious professional certificate obtained with a high score.

    I strongly recommend “Indiaforensic – CAME” certification who likes to be an expert in Anti Money Laundering (AML).

  6. Seif Rashid Seif

    money laundry is a major problem in modern business development. Major efforts are needed by both governments and private enterprises, with cooperation from security institution to overcome this problem.
    one of the major weapon to fight this problem is knowledge, that is why i applied for this course to be one of soldiers in the battle against money laundry.

  7. Ragavan Murali

    The course content is excellent and case studies that build on your knowledge.
    India forensic – You prepare people to carry out skills in the real world. Keep up the good work. What I have
    learned in this CAME course; I will be able to apply in the real world.
    I like to thank Mr. Rajendra Kumar (Rajendra Kumar – Head of India forensic Education) for his
    Tremendous support. He is one of the great leader who is highly knowledgeable & approachable.

  8. C K Prabhukanth

    First I would like to thank India Forensic Education and Its service in providing Forensic Accounting courses.
    CAME is excellent course for a professional who is willing to become an AML Expert. I today’s world corruption plays a major part in drowning the economy. To understand the structure and outcome of Money Laundering and Corruption one has to learn its way of operation and social biases. Studying CAME gives us a clear picture of money laundering and its impact on the society. I like to thank Mr. Rajendra Kumar – Head of India Forensic Education for his support in providing such courses.

  9. Tejashwini H S

    When I was searching for a guide to click ACAMS, Mr.Rajendra Kulkarni “CAME” up like a Eagle scout guide and made the learning a very smooth, easy, and affordable course.
    The utility of CAME was so much worth that I have referred almost 15 of my colleagues to get registered .The simplified legal terms and examples can be understood by anyone who has a basic understanding of AML.
    CAME is a combination of professional experience and personal knowledge. It is one of the few books I have recommended to my colleagues.
    CAME is the first step and life long guide for every AML Professional.Thanks Mr.Rajendra for being the Captain of our AML journey

  10. Prakash Chinnasamy

    Hi Team – My name is Prakash Chinnasamy and working with Citi Bank, so am exploring courses related to AML and would like to complete the same as a certified AML.

    Currently working in Delhi location and basically from Chennai, so not much good familiar with Hindi language. So please let me know your course centers around in Delhi and Chennai locations. Contact me in 9551087554.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Prakash Chinnasamy

  11. Vimal Muniraj

    With heart full of respect I am thanking you and your team for this successful course and I would like to say that course was completely helpful with highly intensive examples with clear case studies which helped me to grab an opportunity in JP Morgan chase today was my last round with manager as with a confident of skills that I earned from CAME certification employer was amazed with my skills and knowledge especially I had confident in me with all of this lead me through this wonderful opportunity and set a career path in compliance I am really happy to say this you guys are doing amazing job thanks for all the support and clear case studies which discussed in study materials !

    I wish all the best for your board to get success and I would say compliance skills which need to reached to all of our citizens and they need to know the impact of laundering to make India stand strong in front of all others developed countries.

    Grateful for the course which gave me life

  12. Birwa (verified owner)

    CAME – Fortunate to got introduce to this certification course by Ameya Joglekar. Studying the course was fantastic. The exam was well made and portioned appropriately. Global Handbook on concepts of AML by Mr. Kulkarni was a great help in understanding the fundamentals with a most simplified version. Course material is splendid and i would strongly recommend to other aspirants.

  13. Nobal Rich

    CAME is a very comprehensive AML program that entails all the relevant information which includes regulations (national and international), legislations, case studies and compliance in AML industry. I work in the Canadian finance industry and I am aspiring to start a fresh career in AML industry and this certification has helped me big time. I am very grateful to Indiaforensic and their professionalism when it comes to the course and certification.

    Highly recommend to anyone who wants to work in the AML industry!

  14. Khushabu Daiya

    Amazing insights. Quite comprehensive course (CAME) with relevant topics. Must have certification to gain expertise in forensic domain.

  15. Berazman Doctor

    CAME is an extremely comprehensive course which gives valuable insights in the field of money laundering.
    The study material is delivered on time.

    Would also like to specially thank Mr. Vedant Sangit who has always been helpful and available to solve all queries.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Berazman Doctor

  16. Birendra Chauhan

    Enhanced AML Program offers a good value for money as you get to understand the basic KYC related concepts, intricacies of Risk Based AML and shell company investigation is a unique offering which i have not yet seen in any of the other AML certification providers.

  17. Pritam Punde

    I am a compliance officer. I was in search of some course which gives AML insights focused on compliance. This course does have a wonderful content / syllabus. Moreover Mr. Vedant was helpful in guiding me for admission process and course details etc.
    I would recommend this course to everyone engaged in compliance domain.

  18. Umair B (verified owner)

    CAME is a far better certification in terms of delivery of the course content as it offers books, videos, and also classroom training at significantly effective pricing. Their certification is quite well recognized in the banking and financial sector. You would find a lot of professionals studying for the CAME exams. I think the prep course is their most distinguishing factor.

  19. Abhay Mukadam

    Certified AML Expert is becoming the symbol of knowledge and skills in compliance domain. It has become necessary to have this certification while working in AML compliance team of a bank

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