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AML Certification Registration Process

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Sarang Khatavkar
Sarang Khatavkar
Sarang is one of the first forensic accountants in the country who worked extensively with the law enforcement agencies across the country to solve the fraud problems. He is a Certified Anti Money Laundering Expert. He worked in the shipping industry before joining Riskpro and is instrumental in exposing the Trade based money laundering cases for the banking sector. He investigated numerous Ponzi Schemes for the Government of Maharashtra and presented in the court of laws as the expert witness to justify the findings of the reports.

Online Registration Process

The online registration process is a quick and easy way for people to sign up. Indiaforensic has made this process simple. They’ve made it easy from registering to getting certified, and you can do it all online.

Here’s how you can get certified in Forensic Accounting in just three easy steps.

If you want to take an exam to get certified with Indiaforensic Center of Studies, you can find the forms you need to download in the next section.

Payment for the fees

Here are the links for the students to make the payment of fees online

    • Certified Forensic Accounting Professional – (CFAP). Additionally, Please check the following links for Specialized Industry focused courses.
    • Certified Bank Forensic Accountant – (CBFA)
    • Certified Anti Moneylaundering Expert – (CAME). Moreover, there are three programs based on the mode of instruction.
        • Distance Learning Mode – Traditional AML certification
        • Pre-recorded Video Learning – Video Learning Mode
        • Live Training Sessions – Mentored by Industry Expert

Fill out the examination forms: In the second step, students need to fill out the application forms. These forms are available on course registration pages on the above links. Because, Education Department will be unable to process your certification without the application process. These forms need to be downloaded from the Attachments section at the end of this page. Take out the prints of these forms and make sure to fill out the accurate details.

Send us the signed copies of the duly filled up application forms through email.

Students can also send these forms to the Indiaforensic office through Post or Courier. Scanned copies of the duly completed forms may also be sent to the email address of Indiaforensic Education Division at education[at] indiaforensic[dot] com

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