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Certified Trade Based Money Laundering Expert


Certified Trade Based Money Laundering Expert is the digital certification program offered by the Indiaforensic Center of Studies. This certification program is created for the global audience. The Package includes E-learning content of 30+ minutes and a reference book

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Certified Trade-Based Money Laundering Expert

Trade finance is a highly specialized area of knowledge. Compliance officers dealing with TBML often find it difficult to understand cross-border transactions, complex documentation, products, and pricing-related issues. Without the right amount of knowledge, AML compliance teams will not be able to create guidelines and put processes in place to effectively monitor TBML within the organization.

Trade-Based Money Laundering takes advantage of the complexity of trade systems. International trade involves multiple parties and jurisdictions. Performing AML checks and customer due diligence becomes a difficult process.

Certified TBML Expert is an important tool for financial institutions to combat TBML. From registration to certification, the process can be completed online. It is a video learning course, which is supported by real-life problem-solving assignments. This program is also helpful for law enforcement agencies and their staff.

Reference Book for the Certification in Trade-Based Money Laundering

Trade-based Money Laundering also known as TBML is the newest form of Money Laundering and is known to cause a loss of billions of dollars annually throughout the world. Many trade finance professionals from the private sector banks are benefited due to this program.

This TBML certification program details the techniques used by money launderers to manipulate trade transactions and launder tainted funds from various geographical locations. Common forms of TBML include over- and under-invoicing goods and services, over-and under-shipments of goods etc.

The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) provides guidance on the TBML-related issues and sites many examples. Several shell companies purchase electronic goods with funds derived from criminal activities — and then sell the goods to buyers in high-risk countries with minimum due diligence. The proceeds of crime are then directed back to the shell companies.

The emphasis of this Certification on TBML is early warning signs, which are explained in-depth to help the certified TBML professionals to detect suspicious activities. A special emphasis is laid on the challenges in the investigation of this crime. The role of banks and other intermediaries is also highlighted in the detection of red flags of trade-based money laundering.

The only way of integrating tainted money into the formal economy is by disguising the origin of the funds. The modus operandi ranges from creating fictitious documentation of legitimate trade transactions to moving illicit goods. These tactics of converting tainted money into a clean economy are complex and it is extremely challenging to detect the red flags of these activities.

Seeing the exponential growth of trade in the global scenario, trade-based money laundering poses an immediate threat as a significant channel of criminal activity and exposes businesses across countries to the risk and vulnerabilities of being involved in terrorist financing.

TBML Certification Syllabus

The syllabus for the Certification in TBML is designed carefully to address the needs of compliance professionals working in the International Banking domain. We endeavor to keep the course updated with the new developments in the domain. The curriculum of Certification is divided into various sessions listed below

Techniques of eCommerce Laundering

Money Laundering through Diamond Trade

Understanding International Trade

Understanding Letter of Credit

How does the course on TBML benefit you?

  • Through understanding the concept of Anti Money Laundering provisions related to International Trade
  • A detailed explanation of the various methods used by criminals for TBML
  • Identification of early warning signs of suspicious trade transactions
  • Critical assessment of the role of banks and other intermediaries in the process of trade transactions


As soon as your payment is received, you need to go to visit the Profile page created for every member to make sure that all your admissions and certifications are reflected correctly. Once the registration is completed then you can also visit the course page to kick-start your e-learning journey with Indiaforensic.

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Blended Learning


30+ Minutes Video Learning
2 Modules-
1. 300 pages AML Manual and
2. 200 pages TBML Handbook
1 Uniform Examination


Certification is issued to the students who complete the Uniform Examination with more than 75% marks.

3 reviews for Certified Trade Based Money Laundering Expert

  1. Sarat Palkurthy

    I am probably one of the first few students to complete this tbml certification. The course provides the content in book format as well as video learning. I liked the video learning format but reading the book gives insights into the world of international trade and abuse. Its written in absolutely laymans terms. Very easy to understand the technical jargons. Best thing is it explains the concepts in trade before it proceeds to elaborate trade based money laundering techniques. The examinations are little tough, the time flies away while completing the exams. Overall from admission to certification, it was a seamless process.

  2. Sagar Deshmukh

    As the trade evolves, new ways would emerge to introduce the proceeds of crimes in trade transactions. Its not about under invoicing and over invoicing of shipments, the syllabus of this course goes much beyond the invoicing related schemes and addresses the fundamentals of trade finance to make it an interesting certification program. The trade based money laundering manual accompanied with the reference books makes this course worth

  3. Rohit Arora

    The certification course is designed with a strong theoretical foundation. I love the content that is developed for the certification. I got knowledge of the trade-based money laundering mechanism. The course provided broader understanding of TBML network. The real-life examples have also been explained that how the crimes in the trade take place.

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