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Certification in Digital Money Laundering


Certified Digital Laundering Expert program offers the traditional Certified Anti Money Laundering Expert program with the videos on crypto currency laundering.

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The adoption of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies creates new challenges for organizations especially from a financial crime, compliance, and risk perspective. Digital Laundering is one such challenge.

As a matter of fact, when cryptocurrencies go mainstream this challenge becomes harder. Large multinational corporations such as Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, IBM, Microsoft, AT& T, and Overstock, among others, have already integrated cryptocurrency-related products and services in their portfolios.

Professionals that are working in compliance, financial crime prevention, and risk management need to be aware of the many-faceted cryptocurrency risk environment.

Certified Anti Money Laundering Expert has become the benchmark for money laundering professionals across the world. This is the global certification offered by Indiaforensic. It is a research backed certification and the research on the money laundering evolves continuously.

With bitcoin touching new highs, crypto currency is getting adopted in the mainstream. Widening cryptocurrency market creates larger opportunity for the financial criminals to launder money. Crypto currencies are based on complex blockchain technology and have the potential to disrupt the existing financial systems. This provide opportunities to launder the proceeds of crime through the crypto currency wallets.

The crypto currency wallets are just like the bank accounts. Additionally, there are challenges posed by the unregulated cryptocurrency exchange owners. They allow the financial transactions in digital currency and make it difficult for the law enforcement agencies to investigate. These crypto currency exchanges help the criminals to change the fiat currency to digital currency.

Crypto Currency Laundering is key to Syllabus

Traditional money laundering has often been a secondary process. It is preceded by a criminal activity, such as drug trafficking and other organized crime. Traditionally, amount of money obtained from crimes is introduced into the financial system. This stage is called Placement. In the crypto currency parlance this money is introduced into the crypto exchanges where there is no KYC. Further process is simple and doesn’t require complex activities like Shell Companies or investments in real estates. In this course a student

  • Understands the essentials of the blockchain technology
  • Builds a foundational knowledge of the complex universe of cryptocurrencies
  • Explains how cryptocurrencies are currently used by criminals
  • Discusses how cryptocurrencies are used for money laundering and explain money laundering methods
  • Interprets the role of cryptocurrencies in terrorism financing
  • Reflects on the limitations of cryptocurrencies in financial crimes
  • Differentiates international cryptocurrency laws and regulations on a country-level
  • Acquires an overview of methods and tools for an effective cryptocurrency compliance program

However, certification program on Crypto Currency Money Laundering elaborates various case studies. Some of them pertains to the dirty money obtained from data thefts, hacking attacks and online scams moving through the crypto currency eco-system.

Not to mention, this certification program is video learning program. Training instructions are available in video learning modules. In addition to the norms laid down by Financial Action Task Force, this course discuss about the role of financial institutions in combating the peril of crypto currency laundering.

More importantly, the certification program discuss how cryptocurrencies including bitcoin help in money laundering and terrorist financing. Furthermore, it elaborates What compliance tools and methods can help organizations to protect themselves. There are multiple potential risks of engaging in blockchain technologies involving cryptocurrencies.

Completing this course shows your dedication to fight financial crime and protect your organization against the potential risks from engaging in blockchain technologies and bitcoin transactions. In the light of changing technology and increased complexity of blockchain transactions it is important to show that you have acquired specialized knowledge in the field of cryptocurrency financial crime prevention and compliance. Certified Members undergo training of suspicious transactions and digital laundering during the program.

This courses comes with a Certificate that you can use to show your newly acquired skills and improved professional value through a better understanding of cryptocurrency financial crime prevention and compliance.

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On Successful completion of the registration formalities please visit the course page to start the program online. You can also check the digital learning zone to check the courses you have enrolled in.


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