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Certified eCommerce Fraud Specialist


Certified eCommerce Fraud Specialist is the digital certification program offered by the Indiaforensic Center of Studies. This certification program is created for the global audience.


Certified eCommerce Fraud Specialist is a completely digital certification program. From registration to certification, process is completed online. It is a video learning course which is supported by the real life problem solving assignments. In the initial years of the evolution of the eCommerce the frauds were limited to the use of stolen credit card or the stolen personal information in the completion of transaction.

In the initial years, eCommerce was limited to only online retail sector, but the concept of online store evolved and expanded. As the eCommerce expanded, nature of frauds changed. From benign identity theft the fraudsters devised new techniques to resemble like a legitimate customer before the eCommerce platforms. There are growing instances of attacks on the eCommerce sites have revealed that the credit card information of the customers can be compromised and the security of the network is growing in the importance.

Course Syllabus

Syllabus for the Certified E Commerce Fraud Specialists is designed carefully to address the needs of the professionals working in the eCommerce sector. Today, every good eCommerce company has its own fraud control team. These teams are required to prevent frauds by strengthening the internal controls. eCommerce companies are spending good money on building analytical skill sets to combat the online frauds. Fraud detection is becoming one of the significant aspects of their job roles. The Certified eCommerce Frauds Specialist runs various analytical tests on the shipping addresses, credit card numbers and derive the modus operandi of how fraud occurs.

The curriculum of Certified eCommerce Fraud Specialists covers the topics such as friendly fraud, chargeback fraud, credit card fraud, clean fraud, triangulation fraud etc. Logistics fraud is another important subject in the syllabus and there is an assignment to be completed on the eCommerce frauds. Here is the complete list of the topics covered in the training programs.

Loyalty Points related Frauds

Red flags of eCommerce Frauds

Broad Categories of eCommerce Frauds


As soon as your payment is received, you need to go to visit Profile page created for every member to make sure that all your admissions and certifications are reflected correctly. Once the registration is completed then you can also visit the course page to kick-start your e-learning journey with Indiaforensic.


Additional information


Video Learning


120 Minutes Video Learning
2 Assignments
1 Uniform Examination


Certification is issued to the students who complete the Uniform Examination with more than 75% marks.

4 reviews for Certified eCommerce Fraud Specialist

  1. Balasubramaniam (verified owner)

    The course is very neatly designed. It gives the understanding of different techniques of the eCommerce frauds to the aspirants of the certification. I was impressed by this course when i could complete the examination swiftly and during the process i was not required to contact any staff of Indiaforensic. I received my certification immediately. The best part is I scored better than the average score of the examination takers.

  2. Ashok c (verified owner)

    I was very conservative while joining this certification as i have some good and some bad experiences about the e-learning courses. But this program exceeded my expectations. It is probably one of the few best certifications in eCommerce frauds domain, if not the only one.

  3. Rajiv Shekhar

    A really excellent course – informative and insightful. I recommend this course for anyone working in eCommerce domain, whether a new practitioner or experienced. This course gives some really good ideas about prevention of the eCommerce frauds. It personally helped me to come out with solutions after listening to some of the innovative techniques of the eCommerce frauds.

  4. Ashok Banerjee (verified owner)

    Simplest program for any eCommerce aspirant. But it is an interesting program for those who are knowledge hungry and want to understand how frauds take place in the shining eCommerce sector. This is not limited to only India but the syllabus covers global scenario.

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