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This is the package offer where you get two video learning courses complimentary along with the CFAP certification program. Certified Forensic Accounting Professional is one of the foremost certifications in the forensic accounting domain. “CFAP” four letters after your name opens the wide opportunities in the anti-fraud domain.

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Imagine this: in 2006, a group of experts launched something called the Certified Forensic Accounting Professional (CFAP) program. Now, this wasn't like the usual courses you hear about. Back then, there weren't many chances to learn about forensic accounting, but CFAP changed that. It wasn't just about learning – it was about being super practical and useful for people who want to be awesome forensic accountants all over the world.

CFAP are the four letters that add a lot of significance to the profile of the corporate professional.

  • These four letters can win a job for you.
  • These four letters can help you to get promoted or can entitle you to a salary revision.
  • These four letters can help you to network with peers in other countries.

What's CFAP? - Decoding the Acronym

A Certified Forensic Accounting Professional (CFAP) is a person who has undergone training to become an expert in the field of forensic accounting, forensic auditing, litigation support, and investigative accounting. CFAP is a designation awarded by the Indiaforensic Center of Studies.

To address the needs of global students, it partnered with Riskpro Learning. Certified Forensic Accounting Professionals are now becoming the preferred choice for global forensic accountants. Certified Forensic Accounting Professional is a program focused on accounting frauds and with the growing financial statement manipulations, demand for professionals with CFAP credentials is also increasing.

Forensic accountants from different countries like to learn from Riskpro Learning to understand about fighting fraud. Riskpro Learning is in more than 7 countries like Nigeria, Oman, Qatar, UAE, and Uganda.

Forensic Accountants do a wide variety of jobs. Certified Forensic Accounting Professionals typically have unique investigation skills which help them to render varied forensic accounting services. From investigating financial frauds to Insurance claims investigations. Law enforcement agencies have started using the services of professional forensic accountants.

Accounting firms represented by Chartered Accountants ( Certified Public Accountant equivalent in India) prefer professionals with CFAP credentials. Certified forensic accountants and investigators are helpful in analyzing financial data to generate the red flags of financial statement fraud.

"Certified Forensic Accounting Professional is a Gold standard certification in the forensic accounting domain. It is considered as benchmark for the commerce students in India. Indiaforensic is one of the best institute of certified forensic accountants. This course is equivalent to Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) Credential in Asian countries".- Newsinterpretation

Academic Requirements for The CFAP

Normally, people who want to get CFAP certified should have finished at least a bachelor's degree. They should also have worked professionally for at least three years. If someone has a degree but not enough work experience, they can still try by taking the Forensic Accounting Entrance Exam.

This exam is organized by the Indiaforensic Center of Studies.

The CFAP certification is designed to enhance the knowledge of professionals working in the field of forensic accounting. Moreover, it covers various aspects of forensic accounting, including fraud detection and prevention, forensic auditing techniques, financial investigation methods, litigation support, and expert testimony.

Obtaining the CFAP certification demonstrates expertise in forensic accounting. Additionally, it can enhance career opportunities in areas such as forensic accounting firms and corporate fraud investigation teams. Additionally, law enforcement agencies, regulatory bodies, and consulting firms also offer opportunities.

Are you curious about the world of forensic accounting and how to become a Certified Forensic Accounting Professional (CFAP)? It might sound complex, but I'm here to break it down for you. Let's dive into what it takes to earn this esteemed certification and why it's worth considering.

Understanding the Points System

To become a CFAP, you need to score at least 45 points. Now, how do you earn these points? It's pretty straightforward:

  • Every year of education gets you 10 points.
  • Every year of work experience adds 5 points to your tally.

In simple words, if you have a graduation degree and a minimum of three years of work experience, you're eligible for the CFAP examination. For instance, if you've completed 3 years of articleship for CA or CS and want to pursue the Certified Forensic Accounting Professional exams, just make sure you're a graduate. Your CA articleship experience counts as a valid experience for CFAP eligibility.

Certification is Earned, Not Given

It's important to know that earning the CFAP certification isn't about honorary titles or skipping the examination. Unlike some certifications, everyone needs to take the examination to become a Certified Forensic Accounting Professional. The certification process is fair and transparent, ensuring that all candidates meet the same standards.

The CFAP program takes 180 days to finish. When you sign up for the course, you study for 180 days and then take the exam.

Syllabus for CFAP Program

The CFAP (Certified Forensic Accounting Professional) course covers many different topics about preventing, detecting, and investigating fraud. There are 20 parts in the course that talk about different parts of forensic accounting in India. This is like the plan of what you'll learn in the course.

Classification of Corporate Fraud Schemes

        • Introduction to corporate fraud schemes.
        • Understanding different types of fraud schemes based on items in financial statements.
        • Analysis of common fraudulent activities and their impact on financial statements.
        • Case studies and examples illustrating various fraud schemes.

Understanding Red Flags of Corporate Fraud Schemes

          • Identification of early warning signals and indicators of potential corporate fraud.
          • Recognizing suspicious patterns, anomalies, and deviations in financial statements.
          • Examination of internal and external factors contributing to fraud risks.
          • Effective use of analytical tools and techniques to detect red flags.

Prevention of Corporate Fraud

        • Proactive measures to prevent fraud within organizations.
        • Implementing internal controls, policies, and procedures to deter fraudulent activities.
        • Creating an ethical and compliant organizational culture.
        • Training and awareness programs for employees on fraud prevention.

Investigation Techniques for Corporate Fraud

        • Overview of corporate fraud investigation process.
        • Conducting interviews and interrogations of involved parties.
        • Gathering and analyzing evidence in fraud investigations.
        • Utilizing forensic accounting methods and tools in investigations.

Tools Used in Fraud Investigations

        • Introduction to data analysis and data recovery tools used in forensic investigations.
        • Application of computer forensics and digital evidence analysis.
        • Utilizing technology for fraud detection and prevention.
        • Case studies and practical exercises involving the use of investigation tools.

CFAP Exams

The test to become a Certified Forensic Accounting Professional (CFAP) happens online. The test has 100 questions where you choose the right answer from a list of options. It's like a puzzle where you pick the correct choice for each question.

The test will last for 2 hours. This means you have a set amount of time to finish the test. During this time, you need to read and answer each question carefully and not take too long on each one.

To get the CFAP certification, you need to score over 75% in the final test called the Uniform Final Examination by Indiaforensic. This test checks how much you know about forensic accounting and how good you are at it. It's like the big test to see if you're really skilled in this field.

Successfully passing the CFAP examination and meeting the required percentage threshold signifies that the individual has demonstrated a high level of proficiency and understanding of forensic accounting principles, practices, and techniques.

To understand if you're interested in forensic accounting courses, you can take practice exams that imitate real-life situations.

CFAP with eCommerce Frauds

We made the certification program even better for international financial detectives. Now, there's a new part about catching eCommerce frauds. This program, the Certified eCommerce Frauds Specialist, is perfect for those who want to be super skilled in the eCommerce industry.

The best part? You can learn from videos! No matter where you are in the world, you can watch and learn. These videos are like your teacher, explaining everything about catching online frauds. They're made just for experts like you who want to make eCommerce safe and fair.

Additional information

Become better at your job

Indiaforensic provides access to leading-edge research, both as an association and through its members. Indiaforensic also pursues publication exchanges with other organizations to provide our members with access to their research.

Highlight your expertise

The Certified Forensic Accounting Professional (CFAP) designation recognizes educational achievement in IS audit competence, including standards and practices; organization and management; processes; integrity, confidentiality and availability.

31 reviews for Enhanced Forensic Accounting Certification Program

  1. Mahesh Mukadam

    CFAP is a synonym of forensic accounting education. If you have to undergo any training to be a certified professional in forensic accounting then it has to be the Certified Forensic Accounting Professional.

  2. Pooja Dasare

    As they said, forensic accounting goes with only one name ‘Indiaforensic’. Good study material, online course and quick reply to any query, what else one need.

  3. Shyam Akkunoor

    This program had taught me some good lessons. Old fraud schemes never die, they linger till they find new ways to come back. This is one of the best learnings of this course. The more you study old schemes of frauds the more it becomes predictable to combat new frauds and stop them. This course is very useful for understanding the fundamental schemes of frauds in India

  4. Aisha Joshi

    The CFAP course by Indiaforensic is a highly recommended program for individuals interested in beginning the forensic accounting profession with a comprehensive curriculum covering fraud examination, fraud analysis and legal aspects the course offers valuable industry insights. The up-to-date material ensures students stay abreast of current trends.

  5. Akash Patel

    After completing the Certified Anti Money Laundering Professional certification it not only deepened my understanding but also enhanced my career prospects. The CFAP equips aspiring forensic accountants with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the field. I recommend this course for aspiring forensic accountants.

  6. Janhavi K

    CFAP offered by Indiaforensic is a go-to certification for anyone interested in corporate fraud prevention and investigation. The syllabus provides a deep understanding of fraud schemes, red flags, prevention strategies, investigation techniques.

  7. Chinmay Rajput

    I recently completed the Certified Forensic Accounting Professional certification and I can surely feel that it exceeded my confidence also expectations. The platform is user-friendly. Anyone can complete the course at their own pace. I highly recommend this course.

  8. Chaitanya Bhave

    The course syllabus delves deep into the classification, detection, prevention and investigation of fraud cases that ensure a well-rounding understanding of the subject matter. This course is a requirement for professionals looking to thrive in the field of forensic accounting.

  9. Gargi Bansal

    This is an excellent certification program developed for forensic accounting aspirants. The course presentation is awesome. This certification course gave me in-detail insight which helped me to focus on my learning directions in terms of what I want to learn more about as I progress. This certification is self-paced learning certification. The aspirants can complete the certification at their own pace.

  10. Gargi Bansal

    I chose Certified Bank Forensic Accountant certification course provided by Indiaforensic. This was my wise decision. The course covers in detail an understanding of fraud detection, prevention and investigation.

  11. Gopal Choudhary

    As I registered for the course, the syllabus that is developed for the certification program is very comprehensive. It covered each and every aspect of corporate fraud investigation. The real-life examples given are very unique. It gave me the practical aspect to apply newfound knowledge. This certification program is a must for anyone aspiring to become a skilled forensic accounting professional.

  12. Ankur Gupta

    The Certified Forensic Accounting Professional is an enhanced value-added course from the practical aspect that is useful for the global forensic accountant. This certification has a global presence. This certification program will give the aspirants unique investigation skills that will help to use different forensic accounting services. By doing this certification, it helped me to analyze the financial data. Through this, I was able to understand the red flags identified in financial statement frauds.

  13. Indraneel Dubey

    From day one, I was immersed in the world of forensic accounting gaining knowledge of the essential techniques for detecting and preventing corporate fraud skills. The certification program provides a balance between theory as well as practical aspects. This certification has truly equipped me with the recent tools and techniques that can be used as a forensic accountant.

  14. Reva Deshmukh

    The course provided me with a solid foundation of real-life case studies mentioned in the study material. The certification explained the essential aspects of the subject that ensured a clear understanding.

  15. Isha Pol

    The certification course is up to date that provides a logical progression of topics. This course provided me necessary confidence and techniques to tackle complex fraud cases. While registering for the system, the minimum criteria are any graduate can apply for this certification. Also, they shall have a minimum of 3 years of experience in the professional domain. This certification program can enhance career opportunities for aspirants in the forensic accounting domain.

  16. Riya Menon

    The Certified Forensic Accounting Professional online certification program blew me away. This certification program is mainly focused on accounting fraud. There is a rapid increase in financial statement manipulation so the demand for professionals with CFAP credentials is also increasing. This certification has a global presence. It is regarded as the benchmark for the freshly commerce graduates.

  17. Ravi Kunte

    Whether you are starting your career or looking to enhance your expertise, CFAP provides a solid foundation and sets out on the path to succeed in the dynamic world of forensic accounting. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone interested in forensic accounting. I feel that this certification is equivalent to Certified Fraud Examiner.

  18. Poorva Jamdar

    The learning experience was outstanding and it provided me with the confidence to handle complex investigations.

  19. Revati Bhagwat

    The CFAP online certification provides a solid basis for success in the rapidly emerging field of forensic accounting.

  20. Neha Pandey

    The Certified Forensic Accounting Professional is worth every penny. I know feel well-prepared to handle fraud investigation and contribute meaningfully to corporate governance.

  21. Abhijit Kelkar

    The Certified Forensic Accounting Professional certification is a goldmine of knowledge. With the CFAP certification, I have a competitive advantage as well as the confidence to tackle fraud-related challenges head-on.

  22. Saurabh Bafna

    Registering for CFAP was a solid investment as I could be aware of the latest trending frauds by explaining the practical aspects connected with it. As I working in the same field, I could use my knowledge in my organization to solve the investigation cases very effectively.Thanks to Indiaforensic for creating such an helpful course for the forensic accounting professionals.

  23. Aarya Khosla

    The certification course is well-updated. The syllabus is up to the mark. It very easy to understand. Hat’s off to the syllabus designed.

  24. Rohit Patil

    This certification program is very informative and relevant to my profession. The content developed is from the basics to forensic accounting to advance. The certification program gives the aspirant a diligent high level of the course content that is designed. It’s actually a wonderful learning experience.

  25. Parth Salunke

    This certification program is very informative and relevant to my profession. The content developed is from the basics of forensic accounting to advance. The certification program gives the aspirants a diligent high level of the course content that is designed. Its actually a wonderful learning experience.

  26. Richa Chaddha

    Actually, I wouldn’t say I like to read the books. But as I read the course content book it’s really a very easy-to-understand concept.

  27. Neha Mehta

    The certification program is very excellently developed. Doing the certification actually helped in my workplace as I could explain the real-life examples that are mentioned in the book as well as it not only helped me to understand forensic accounting but also the other financial crimes that are taking place at large. So I suggest this certification program to all accounting academicians, auditors, finance directors etc.

  28. Khushbu Goyal

    The certification program is very up to the point. It provides a clear understanding of the fundamental concepts. There are some examples mentioned in the book that are very precise that offer practical insights that I can use in my current investigative role.

  29. Netra Bafna

    This was an incredibly engaging course. It is definitely a great match for my learning goals. The content gives a clear representation and it also feels very relatable. As the course content was easy to understand, it helped me to understand the terminologies easily.

  30. Prerna Jaiswal

    The course covers a range of subjects, if you are looking for a basic understanding of forensic accounting, I recommend this course. However, its worth noting the examples given in the study material. They also provide 2 complimentary e-learning courses once you register for Certified Forensic Accounting Professional. When you become CFAP, many opportunities are open for the aspirants. This certification is equivalent to Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE).

  31. Yash Bhide

    The course is exceptional, features expert insights from industry professionals and is accompanied by excellent illustrations. It has actually provided me with valuable insights. This course has given me an in-detail knowledge of forensic accounting. I want to express my gratitude for all the knowledge and experiences that I gained during this course.

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