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Enhanced Forensic Accounting Certification Program

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This is the package offer where you get two video learning courses complimentary along with the CFAP certification program. Certified Forensic Accounting Professional is one of the foremost certifications in the forensic accounting domain. “CFAP” four letters after your name opens the wide opportunities in the anti-fraud domain.

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Certified Forensic Accounting Professional (CFAP) program was started in the year 2006. This was one of the few offerings in the forensic accounting in those days. The Certified Forensic Accounting Professional is enhanced with value added courses to make the course practical and useful for the global forensic accountants.

CFAP are the four letters which add lot of significance on the profile of the corporate professional.

  • These four letters can win a job for you.
  • These four letters can help you to get promoted or can entitle you for the salary revision.
  • These four letters can help you to network with the peers in other countries.

What is CFAP ?

Certified Forensic Accounting Professional (CFAP) is a person who has undergone training to become an expert in the field of forensic accounting, forensic auditing, litigation support and investigative accounting. CFAP is a designation awarded by Indiaforensic Center of Studies.

To address the needs of the global students, it partnered with Riskpro Learning. Certified Forensic Accounting Professionals is now becoming the preferred choice for the global forensic accountants. Certified Forensic Accounting Professional is program focused on the accounting frauds and with the growing financial statement manipulations, demand for the professionals with CFAP credentials is also increasing.

International forensic accountants in various countries prefer to work with Riskpro learning to get education in the anti fraud domain. It has presence in more than 7 countries including Nigeria, Oman, Qatar, UAE, Uganda and others.

Forensic Accountants do a wide variety of jobs. Certified Forensic Accounting Professionals typically have the unique investigation skills which help them to render varied forensic accounting services. From investigating financial frauds to Insurance claims investigations. Law enforcement agencies have started using the services of the professional forensic accountants.

Accounting firms in represented by the Chartered Accountants ( Certified Public Accountant equivalent in India) prefer the professionals with CFAP credentials. The certified forensic accountants and investigators are helpful in analyzing the financial data to generate the red flags of financial statement frauds.

“Certified Forensic Accounting Professional is a Gold standard certification in the forensic accounting domain. It is considered as benchmark for the commerce students in India. Indiaforensic is one of the best institute of certified forensic accountants. This course is equivalent to Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) Credential in Asian countries”.- Newsinterpretation

Academic Requirements for The CFAP

Generally, applicants for CFAP certification have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. Aspirants should possess at least three years of professional experience. The graduates not having three years of experience may apply for the Forensic Accounting Entrance Exam conducted by the Indiaforensic Center of Studies.

Syllabus for CFAP Program

There are totally 20 chapters which deals in various elements of the forensic accounting in India. This is just the outline of the course syllabus

    • Classification of the Corporate fraud schemes based on the Indian schemes of fraud – Here the fraud schemes are classified on the basis of items in the financial statements.
    • Understanding the red flags of the corporate fraud schemes – Early warning signals in the corporate sector helps to detect the frauds timely.
    • What one should do to prevent the corporate frauds – There are certain ways to prevent the frauds happening in the organisation.
    • How these frauds can be investigated – Number of Investigation techniques are discussed here
    • Which are the tools used in investigating the frauds – The data analysis and data recovery tools used in any forensic investigation.

CFAP Exams

Examinations of the Certified Forensic Accounting Professional are conducted online. The examination consists of 100 questions of multiple options. The duration of examination is 2 hours. Any person who secures more than 75% in the Uniform Final examination conducted by Indiaforensic gets certified as the forensic accountant. In order to check your inclination towards forensic accounting courses, there are simulated examinations.

Two certification courses in the financial crimes compliance are designed for the students of the accounting, management and auditing.

CFAP with eCommerce Frauds

To address the needs of the international forensic accountants, certification program was enhanced with the additional subject of eCommerce frauds. The Certified eCommerce Frauds Specialist is a program created for the experts looking to work in the eCommerce Industry. There is a video learning course which address the needs of the global forensic accountants.

International Forensic Accounting Program

We have created a global certification in forensic accounting. This training program for the students of the accounting, finance, auditing and management. This certification program is specially curated for the students and it offers the certification from Riskpro learning on successful completion of the course.


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Become better at your job

Indiaforensic provides access to leading-edge research, both as an association and through its members. Indiaforensic also pursues publication exchanges with other organizations to provide our members with access to their research.

Highlight your expertise

The Certified Forensic Accounting Professional (CFAP) designation recognizes educational achievement in IS audit competence, including standards and practices; organization and management; processes; integrity, confidentiality and availability.

3 reviews for Enhanced Forensic Accounting Certification Program

  1. Mahesh Mukadam

    CFAP is a synonym of forensic accounting education. If you have to undergo any training to be a certified professional in forensic accounting then it has to be the Certified Forensic Accounting Professional.

  2. Pooja Dasare

    As they said, forensic accounting goes with only one name ‘Indiaforensic’. Good study material, online course and quick reply to any query, what else one need.

  3. Shyam Akkunoor

    This program had taught me some good lessons. Old fraud schemes never die, they linger till they find new ways to come back. This is one of the best learnings of this course. The more you study old schemes of frauds the more it becomes predictable to combat new frauds and stop them. This course is very useful for understanding the fundamental schemes of frauds in India

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