Tribute to Sunil Bahri, CFAP

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CA Mayur Joshi
CA Mayur Joshi
CA Mayur Joshi is a Forensic Accounting evangelist in India. He is the co-founder of Indiaforensic and is author of 7 books on forensic accounting, fraud investigations and money laundering.

It was the afternoon time when I received a call from Dubai. CA Hardik Soni was on the other side of the call. He informed me that Sunil Bahri is no more with us. He suffered a massive heart attack in the morning. It was a very sad news. I could not work, i was trying to put all my thoughts together for him. For last two years he was not feeling well but from past few days he was trying to get back to the work. Very few know that he was a great professional. I could not attend his cremation hence decided that I would pen down few words. Few people leave impact on your life because they have different thoughts.

Sunil as a friend of Friends

Sunil Bahri ! Name of a Cheerful Personality. Sunil was very special. He was the only person, who knew every member of Indiaforensic team and every team member knew him. Whenever he traveled to India, he used to carry the dates for each and every team member. It used to be the fun to interact. Sunil Bahri was the name of enthusiasm and Intelligence.

Networking qualities

Sunil Bahri was known to us for his Networking capabilities. We got introduced with each other in the year 2010 and in the every Indiaforensic Conference we had the privilege of  associating with him. He used to travel all the way from Dubai to Mumbai just for our conferences. His presence in our conferences made us feel really very special. Sunil participated in our conferences as attendee, speaker as well as the sponsor. Sunil never missed the opportunity to meet great people. He was a great follower of Gandhiji and he marked his meet with Anna Hazare as historical moment of his life. He introduced many professionals to Indiaforensic team members. Whenever we needed he extended his support.

Sunil as a teacher

He was one of the first few Certified Forensic Accounting Professionals in United Arab Emirates. Sunil was the man who introduced the Indiaforensic Certification programs outside India. In 2012, he conducted the first Certification Program for the Government Nigerian officials traveling to Dubai. It was a great success. He steered the complete three day program. This was the time, when i closely got to know him as the Professional. He had a good command over the subject of forensic accounting because of his years of experience in Panasonic and other firms where he served as the Chief Financial Officer. He knew how to engage the audience.

Sunil as the Professional

I always admired Sunil, because of his networking skills and professional approach. When I went to Dubai for the first time, we were seating at his office in Silicon Oasis. That was for the first time I realized that he is very patriotic. In-spite of leaving outside the country he loved his country. He later became the President of Middle East – GOPIO International. He always wanted to do something for his country and countrymen. He understood the problems of the persons of the Indian Origin. He played a crucial role in establishing the ICSI Chapter in UAE and in the year 2013, he became the Chairman of the ICSI Chapter in Dubai. It was again his love for his countrymen which encouraged him take the efforts to open the ICSI chapter.

Dream Unfulfilled

Sunil was the University. He had knowledge about various domains. He created the library of Video Learning courses, which he was planning to roll out for the students across the world. I wish that would have happened. It was his dream which was not fulfilled. He had a tremendous command over various subjects related to management, finance, frauds, business, accounting etc.

Sunil and we spoke over phone just one day back. He mentioned that he wanted to complete his book on the Financial Statement Frauds. He wanted the same to be released in a grand function when he was planning to visit India in September’2015. He was invited as the speaker in various ICSI related conferences.

Sunil’s exit would have caused damage to many of his partners. But Indiaforensic lost its mentor, philosopher, guide. Community lost a patriotic forensic accountant….May his sole rest in peace !

Sunil we would miss you 

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