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Re-examination Fees


Fees for re-appearing in the examinations held by Indiaforensic Center of Studies.

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If you failed in your first attempt, you still have two attempts left to retake the test within one year of your eligibility period.

Please note that although you have four more attempts remaining, you have to take the re-examinations within 18 months from the first attempt of examination.

Failing to do so will ban you from filling out the CFAP, CBFA and CAME examination applications.

Even if you don’t attempt the exam or you failed in the remaining four attempts, you cannot sit for the examinations. The fee for the second and third time will be less than the first time test fee. Kindly use the above link to pay the re-examination fees online.

The second or third time re-examination fee for computer-based testing is Rs.5000/-

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