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Certification in International AML Guidelines


This Certification course offers an exhaustive set of resources for the students. It comprises E-learning videos where the aspirants would get the knowledge of International AML Guidelines.

International AML Guidelines refer to the set of standards and recommendations developed by international organizations to combat money laundering on a global scale.

The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) is the leading international organization that sets AML guidelines. Established in 1989, it comprises 39 member countries and territories, including the European Commission and the Gulf Cooperation Council. FATF's mandate is to develop policies to combat money laundering and terrorist financing and to promote the implementation of these policies worldwide.

Importance of International AML Guidelines

In today's global economy, businesses face increasing pressure to comply with International Anti Money Laundering Guidelines as well as regulations. Our certification program provides a comprehensive understanding of AML regulations and best practices, allowing individuals and businesses to navigate the complex landscape of international compliance with confidence.

International AML Guidelines are crucial to combat money laundering and terrorist financing on a global scale. These guidelines provide a comprehensive set of measures that countries and institutions must implement to prevent the use of illegally obtained funds for illegal activities. Compliance with these guidelines is essential to maintain the integrity of the global financial system and to prevent the financing of criminal activities.

Non-compliance with these guidelines can lead to significant reputational and financial risks for institutions, as well as negative impacts on national and international security. Therefore, it is crucial for countries and institutions to adhere to these guidelines to ensure a safe and secure financial system.

Overview of E-learning Course on International AML Guidelines

Riskpro Learning in association with Indiaforensic, has launched the E-learning Certification in International AML guidelines. This program sets a standard for professionals working in International markets.

Riskpro Learning feels very proud to offer a program to the entrants that provides knowledge as well as skill sets that are essential for the sanction professionals working in the BFSI sector and also with country-specific Regulators. This Certification course offers an exhaustive set of resources for the students.

It comprises a 2-hour e-learning video content where the aspirants would get the knowledge of International AML Guidelines. With our certification, you'll have the skills and knowledge to develop and implement effective AML policies and procedures that meet international standards.

Syllabus for E-learning for Certification in International AML Guidelines

The syllabus for the International Certification Program in International AML Guidelines is vast and exhaustive. Altogether there are 6 modules that cover all the aspects of the AML Sanction process.

  1. Financial Action Task Force
  2. Basel Committee
  3. Wolfsberg Group
  4. Egmont Group
  5. USA Patriot ACT
  6. Anti-Money Laundering ACT of 2020
  7. European Union Directives on Money Laundering
  8. Prevention of Money Laundering Act

The program is ideal for professionals in the financial industry, including compliance officers, risk managers, and auditors, as well as business owners and executives. Once the course is completed the aspirant will receive the prestigious certification.

Learning Outcome

Riskpro Learning's mission is to establish a global benchmark for testing people's knowledge in Anti-Money Laundering and compliance. Our certification program helps you grasp sanctions, why they matter, and how sanctions lists and screening work. You'll also learn about the sanction governance framework. The aspirants how the sanction governance framework takes place.

  • Become a self-accelerator in the topics covered
  • Know the practical application
  • Knows the basics from practical experience
  • Case study experience
  • Aspirants will get the Certification of Completion post-video┬álearning sessions.

3 reviews for Certification in International AML Guidelines

  1. Rohit Arora

    I decided to enroll for the course where it gives a brief outline of the International AML Guidelines that comprise of 6 modules. It includes the AML Santions process. The virtual training session are conducted in very simple language that everyone will understand. I learned so much information in a very short time span.

  2. Umesh Natrajan

    The course is very nice. All doubts regarding the AML have been cleared. This course will definitely help to clear the CAME certification provided by Indiaforensic. My fundamentals have been cleared.

  3. Vijaya Mahale

    The course is an excellent match for me as I am working in the finance sector. It was a great learning experience for me.

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