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Waiver of CAME Examination


Please make the payment through this link only if there is a communication received from the Education department of Indiaforensic Center of Studies. Waiver of Examination Route is enabled for the aspirants with more than 8 years experience and proven international credentials. Global Experience is mandatory for applying to this process.

CAME Examination is the final stage in completion of the certification. Aspirants are encouraged to take up the examination only after reading the study material specially designed for the examination. The study material is changed frequently. However, CAME examination is not limited to the professionals who purchase the study material.

Certified Anti Moneylaundering Expert program provide the detailed overview of Laundering related transactions. From traditional methods to technology methods of laundering, this certification covers many facets of laundering transactions.

Following are the topics covered under the AML courseware.

  • Definition, size of Money Laundering
  • Reasons of Money Laundering by criminals.
  • Consequences of Money Laundering.
  • Essentials of Money Laundering
  • Risk of KYC to mitigate
  • Origin of Money laundering transactions
  • Indian Laws of Money Laundering

Additionally, you can also check regular updates on Money Laundering in the specially created members zone Final examination of the Certified Anti Money Laundering Expert program covers wider range of topics.

The course regulations were revised in the year 2015, to cover the global laws and developments in the Anti Money Laundering.

This revision also opened the doors for the compliance professionals to take up certification directly, without writing for the examination. (Only experienced professionals who have minimum 8 years of experience in Anti Money Laundering or Compliance domain are allowed to apply for the waiver of the examinations)

Eligibility for Waiver of Examination

In order to be eligible to apply for the waiver of the examination the candidates should have

  1. Proven track record of atleast 8 years of experience in the compliance and anti money laundering domain
  2. The candidate should be able to provide atleast two references from the executives from financial institutions such as banks, nbfcs and other banking companies
  3. Candidate needs to send the Statement of Purpose along with the application form. The statement of purpose should clearly mention, why the candidate feels that he is eligible for the waiver of the examination
  4. Application form, evidence of payment of fees along with the Statement of Purpose should be directly sent to the directors@indiaforensic.com email address only.
  5. The academic board of directors in its monthly meetings would decide about the eligible candidates of that month
  6. Waiver of the examination is allowed at the discretion of the board. Decision of the academic board is final and can not be reviewed.
  7. In case the waiver is not accepted, the fees are refunded or can be adjusted towards the examination fees.


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