Calculating Eligibility Criteria for CAME Certifications

Please ensure that you are eligible for the CAME Program offered by Indiaforensic before you apply for the course.

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Eligibility for Certified Anti-Money Laundering Expert (CAME) certification is a combination of experience and training.

To become certified, members must pass a standardized exam. There are no shortcuts or exemptions from this exam. If you don’t have experience with money laundering cases, you can gain practical skills in compliance, anti-money laundering, or know-your-customer (KYC) practices. This hands-on experience will help you prepare for the certification exam.

Academic Requirements

Typically, people who want to get certified in Anti Money Laundering (AML) have at least a Bachelor’s degree from a college or university. But it doesn’t matter what subject you studied. If you don’t have a Bachelor’s degree, you can use your experience working in AML or compliance instead.

When you apply for certification, they’ll give you points based on your education level or work experience. So, even if you don’t have a degree, your experience can still count towards getting certified.

Professional Requirements

At the time you are certified, you must have at least three years of professional experience in a field either directly or indirectly related to the detection or deterrence of fraud.

Eligibility Criteria Explained

The objective of the point system is to do the self-assessment of your proposal. If you have 40 points then you are eligible for the exam, if your profile secures 80 points then you are eligible for the waiver and if you have less than 40 points then we recommend that you should wait till you complete 40 points.

To become certified, you need to earn at least 40 points. You can take the exam before reaching this minimum, but you’ll only get certified once you meet the points requirement and pay the membership fees. This means you can prepare for the exam early, but you’ll need to fulfill all the requirements before officially receiving your certification.

Graduation (B.Com,B.Sc,B.A.)15 Points ( 5 Points each for every year of completed education, engineering graduates will be awarded 20 points )
Post Graduation (M.Com,M.Sc,M.A.)10 Points ( 5 Points each for every year of completed education)
Ph.DThe Doctorate Candidates can directly appear for the exams. They are also eligible for the waiver of examination if the board accepts their proposal
Work ExperienceAward 5 points for every year of Experience in the field of Auditing, Accounting, Banking etc.
Merit RankingAward 10 additional points if secured a rank in Any professional exams or Graduation or Post graduation exams
Professional Certification (C.A,C.S,CWA)25 Points (irrespective of the graduation or Post Graduation)
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