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One of the first full course certification program on the subject of Trade Based Money Laundering. Enhanced Certification is now available for registration in the same costs. Click here to know more


Trade based Money Laundering also known as TBML is the newest form of Money Laundering and is known to cause a loss of billions of dollars annually throughout the world. This TBML Certification is helpful for the aspirants who have completed their CAME certification.

This TBML certification program details the techniques used by money launderers to manipulate trade transactions and launder tainted funds from various geographical locations.

Emphasis of this Certification on TBML is early warning signs, which are explained in depth to help the certified TBML professionals to detect fraudulent activities. A special emphasis is laid on the challenges in investigation of this crime. The role of banks and other intermediaries is also highlighted in the detection of red flags of trade based money laundering.

The only way of integrating tainted money into the formal economy is by disguising the origin of the funds. The modus operandi ranges from creating fictitious documentation of legitimate trade transactions to moving illicit goods. These tactics of converting tainted money into clean economy are complex and it is extremely challenging to detect the red flags of these activities.

Seeing the exponential growth of trade in the global scenario, trade based money laundering poses an immediate threat as a significant channel of criminal activity and exposes businesses across countries to the risk and vulnerabilities of being involved in terrorist financing.

How the course on TBML benefit you?

  • Through understanding of the concept of Trade based Money Laundering
  • Detailed explanation of the various methods used by criminals for Trade based Money Laundering
  • Identification of early warning signs of suspicious trade transactions
  • Critical assessment of the role of banks and other intermediaries in the process of trade transactions

TBML Uniform Exam

The TBML Certification is awarded to the students who successfully complete their Uniform Examination. Aspirants need to make the payment of fees to receive the examination credentials. After payment of the fees, students can take up the exams by visiting the TBML Uniform Certification Examination Section
Currently, the program donot offer any study material and is only meant for the professionals who have successfully completed their CAME certification from Indiaforensic.

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