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Certified Members of Indiaforensic are welcome to contribute to their thought, articles on the subject of Anti Money Laundering and Forensic Accounting. Members can build the personal brand.

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Mayur Joshi
Mayur Joshi
CA Mayur Joshi is award winning fraud examiner and foremost forensic accountant. He is regularly quoted in various news papers and is author of atleast 7 books on Forensic Accounting, Money Laundering and Compliance.

In order to help the members build their brand, Indiaforensic is opening its platform for the Certified Forensic Accounting Professionals and Certified Anti Money Laundering Experts.

Build your brand

  • Are you a certified professional interested in your branding ?
  • Do you think you could be the next John Grisham of India ?
  • Do you think your stories can add value to the readers of Indiaforensic audience ?

If answer to any of the above is affirmative then here is a plan for you. [Please refer the author guidelines]

You could be the John Grisham of India

We at Indiaforensic are always excited to engage with guest contributors with great industry knowledge who could be the John Grisham of India. If you are a blog writer who writes about forensic accounting, Investigations, security, cyber crime, digital forensic related topics, we would be happy to publish your original posts on Indiaforensic website which is one of the most exhaustive resource on forensic accounting and investigations in India and pass on credibility to you.

Why to Contribute ?

Indiaforensic have huge reader base who want to follow the latest in forensic accounting and antifrauds. By engaging reader on our portal, you build online reputation of  thought leaders in a particular industry. Moreover we pass on the credibility of your post to you by link back to your linkedin, facebook or Indiaforensic Social Network profiles or your website. We also promote all the posts on Indiaforensic on regular basis to build more relevant reader base for our guest authors.

What to write?

Articles must be informative, crisp and should include your own viewpoint / content, and the most it should have conclusion with some actionable items. You are free to write about anything in investigation and forensic accounting space including tips, challanges, opportunities in forensic accounting or share reviews on top frauds and certifications in forensic accounting. Pick an exciting topic and start writing for our awesome blog.


If you are interested, feel free to get in touch with us at or simply upload your article through form on this webpage. Your article will be reviewed by our editors before it gets published. We will also let you know, once your post get published on India’s most popular forensic accounting portal.

Build Your Profile

We would love to put your short profile below your article and give credits to your social profiles like Indiaforensic Social Network, Facebook or Linkedin. Kindly share your short profile with your image while sharing your story.

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