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Syllabus for CBFA

Certification in Bank Forensic Accounting emphasize a forensic rather than a control-based or risk management approach to the analysis of bank governance and the possibility of fraud.
Participants will be given a broad-based introduction to the nature and purpose of forensic accounting. The scope and content of all subjects extend well beyond ‘narrow’ focus of fraud prevention and provide an opportunity to study and acquire skills in investigative techniques and the collection of data as well as the skills necessary to not only identify poor management but also unethical and fraudulent activities.

Whole syllabus of Certification in Bank forensic is divided in ten topics. This is probably the first certification in the banking frauds in India and covers following chapters primarily.

  •     Frauds in Advances or the traditional frauds in India
  •     Technology related frauds in India
  •     Money Laundering techniques
  •     Frauds related Negotiable instruments
  •     Causes of Bank failures
  •     Legal provisions that deal with the bank frauds in India
  •     Prevention of the bank frauds – ten branch approach
  •     Tools to investigate the frauds
  •     Drafting the fraud policies
  •     Case studies on the bank frauds

The above syllabus is updated frequently based on the new trends and developments in banking industry and the banking frauds. This curriculum is dynamic and is updated frequently. The syllabus is divided into 6 modules in 6 weeks and associated with 2 dedicated case study Sessions in 2 weeks.

The detailed syllabus is provided in the Study Guide for CBFA. After completion of the course, the professionals would get a thorough understanding of the terms associated with the banking frauds in the banking sector.

For more information on the Study Guide- Click Here

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