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Certification in Shell Company Investigations

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Certification in Shell Company Investigations is the digital certification program offered by the Indiaforensic Center of Studies. This certification program is created for the global audience.



Certification in Shell Company Investigations is a completely digital certification program. From registration to certification, everything is online. Moreover, it is a video learning course which is supported by the real life problem solving assignments.

Shell companies are not only big tax evaders anymore, but they have also widened their scope. Shell Company Investigations is not about performing only adequate due diligence. Shells can come in different shapes and sizes, and the jurisdiction in which they reside can further help to conceal the frauds or conspiracy. Certified Forensic Accounting Professionals need to be aware of how shell corporations are set up to help detect fraud in their own organizations. This certification course will cover numerous concepts.

Course Syllabus for Shell Company Investigations

Syllabus for the Certification in Shell Company Investigations is designed carefully to address the needs of the professionals looking to investigate the shell companies. We endeavor to keep the course updated with the new developments in the domain. Shell Companies play a significant role in financial crimes and money laundering in addition to tax evasion schemes. The curriculum of Certification in Shell Company Investigations is divided into various sessions listed below

Investigation of Shell Companies

What are the Red flags of Shell Companies ?

Applications beyond tax havens

Why Shell Companies are Multiple ?

Background of Shell Companies


This is the registration page for the Certification course. As soon as your payment is received, you need to go to visit Profile page created for every member to make sure that all your admissions and certifications are reflected correctly. Once the registration is completed then you can also visit the course page to kick-start your e-learning journey with Indiaforensic.

Additional information


Video Learning


30+ Minutes Video Learning
1 Uniform Examination


Certification is issued to the students who complete the Uniform Examination with more than 75% marks.
Certification is issued by Riskpro Learning.

4 reviews for Certification in Shell Company Investigations

  1. Ramesh Gautam

    The course is excellent. I have got the required knowlede.

  2. Manish Wardhan

    Shell Company investigations is a good program for those who are looking to understand the tax planning and structuring through tax havens. Certification Examination is a tricky aspect of the program. Read the questions carefully while answering.

  3. Nishant Chandra

    I have always seen shell companies as the component of the larger courseware like KYC or AML. Never ever thought that there could be so many dimensions to shell companies as well.

  4. Anand Jain

    I was searching for the program for my team, which works regularly on shell company investigations for regulators. We have also been involved in trans-national investigations. My experience of investigations was exactly narrated through the videos presented in this course. Very unique and innovative course.

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